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An analysis of the use of humanoid robots in the government sector

The public sector is undoubtedly one of the supporting pillars of any functioning and thriving economy. Working in the public sector can be challenging since the stakes are much higher, and every task should be performed without any mistakes. Each public sector hosts and caters to several hundred citizens or residents daily and is comparatively busier, making the job even more intricate. During the pandemic, the public sector was confronted with more significant obstacles compared to the private sector. It was when the necessity for countermeasures to protect consumers and minimize human interaction became more pressing than ever.

The advancement of robotics and automation has made it possible for hundreds of robots to work in dozens of nations worldwide, doing what people have done for the longest: conversing with the public and improving lives. Pepper, an intelligent humanoid robot, is set to gain significant traction in the public sector in Dubai, France, and Germany by sending information, improving data collection, and entertaining you. In the article, we will highlight some use cases of Pepper as a helping hand in the government sectors and the advantages of implementing it in the government periphery.

Pepper in action: Public sectors across the globe

The Digital Coach is a robot that imparts more traffic-related knowledge to both novice and veteran drivers.

Dubai: Dubai Road and Transport Authority implemented Pepper to train their drivers. Using Pepper’s magnificent AI base, interactive training sessions were held to train 600 drivers for 3 months before Dubai Expo 2020. Pepper assisted in improving training deliverables and driver skill development by overcoming the difficulty of teaching a large number of bus drivers in one go, ultimately contributing to obtaining the ISO 21001: 2018 certification in the public transport sector.

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) deployed Pepper humanoid robot under the name of Rammas to reduce the number of visits. Between January 2017 and the middle of June 2020, Pepper responded to around 3.6 million inquiries, helping DEWA successfully achieve its goal of going paperless. It has already done so in 82% of its activities.

Pepper x Neom Bay Airport – Softbank europ

Saudi Arabia: NEOM Bay Airport wanted to implement a technology that can interact with passengers and help with all everyday inquiries, aiming for the best possible customer experience in the most effective way. A 50% increase in passenger satisfaction was reported after Pepper was hired to answer repetitive questions from passengers.

A humanoid robot Pepper wearing a face mask greets Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike at the lobby of a hotel for the new coronavirus COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms during a media preview in Tokyo Friday, May 1, 2020. Eugene Hoshiko, AP

Japan: Pepper significantly assisted the Tokyo government during the COVID-19 outbreak. Along with spreading happiness among isolated patients, Pepper welcomed guests and educated visitors about the virus in a quarantined hotel established for mildly ill coronavirus patients to free up beds at hospitals overcrowded with more severe cases.

Pepper Mitigating Anxiety During the Vaccination Process in Germany – Softbank Europ

Germany: Pepper made it possible for the Wuppertal Vaccination Center in Germany to conduct vaccination without any hazard by proactively welcoming patients and assisting in overcoming their anxiety before the process. It also collected meaningful customer feedback to make the process further seamless in the future.

Humanoid robots in the government industry: Benefits

Automation trends are boosting the use of robotics in the government sector for several reasons. Let’s look at the significant benefits listed below.

Create an unforgettable experience

There is a stark difference between the private and public sectors – the former deals with customers, and the latter caters to the citizens. Citizens tend to expect more from their government, and keeping them satisfied may reflect on the nation’s economy and other aspects. That’s why governments across the world strive to create experiences that leave a lasting impression on their constituents. Small changes can have a significant impact, like people learning crucial information about a specific subject from a social humanoid robot while waiting in a government building. Pepper enhances offerings and establishes itself as a valuable resource for public services by assuring proactive involvement and superior digital services.

Optimize administrative tasks

Repetitive tasks frequently take longer than necessary, squandering a lot of time for human staff on more strategic tasks that require their intervention. Pepper can optimize public sector administrative tasks by handling all repetitive jobs, including consultation, online administrative services, on-demand report production, concierge & ticketing.

Collect constructive and unbiased feedback

Although collecting feedback is now an essential element of every government facility’s daily operation, doing it consistently can be challenging, leading to erroneous information. Pepper’s humanoid shape and proactive personality make it easy to collect thorough and unbiased feedback from individuals. The information gathered can help the public institution provide better services and make informed decisions.

Efficient queue management

In today’s fast-paced schedule, waiting in a long queue is often a turn-off for most people. Pepper makes it possible to calculate overall footfall and conversion rates, among many other indicators. The information gathered can comprehend citizen demands, identify fresh prospects for citizen welfare, and effectively allocate employees. As a result, a public sector facility can make plans with certainty and use the data to uncover previously hidden insights.

Final thoughts

Like many other industries, governments are tasked with labor-intensive, repetitive tasks that form the foundation of their operations. As a result, public sectors increasingly adopt various technologies for their operations as they realize the advantages – one of them is using robots. Humanoid robots boost public acceptability and optimize usage to cut back on unnecessary costs through their distinctive and optimized user experiences. Pepper is a potent omnichannel touchpoint that gives each user of public services a unique but comprehensive view by catering to their individual needs.

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