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Who is Double 3?

A two-wheeled video conferencing robot that can navigate by itself, Double 3 is revolutionizing how you learn and work remotely. New consumers who have never been to your facility before can now take virtual tours of it! The automatic aided driving correction makes it simple to drive along hallways and through narrow doorways.

How Double 3 helps you

Double 3 offers a physical sense to telecommuters, remote workers, and students who are unable to be present in person. This allows them to feel more connected and in-sync with their peers.


  • Cameras: 2x 13 Megapixel Unified Pan/Tilt/Zoom Module
    – One super wide-angle lens, one super zoom lens
    – 30 FPS and Night Vision Mode
  • Sensors: 2x Stereovision depth sensors (Intel® RealSense’ D430)
    5x Ultrasonic range finders
    2x Wheel encoders (2048 PPR each)
    1x Inertial Measurement Unit (9 DoF)
  • Processors, Memory, and Storage: NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX4-2GB System-on-Module
    256core NVIDIA® Pascal’* GPU Architecture
    – Dual-core NVIDIA® Denver -64 2Bit CPU
    – Quad-core ARM® A57 Complex
    – 4GB -128bit LPDDR4 Memory
    – 16GB eMMC 5.1 Flash Storage
  • Dimensions: 4 hours of runtime, -2hour recharge time Li-ion
  • Audio: 6x Digital microphones with beamforming
    -8watt full range speaker
  • Display:
    -9.7 inch LED-backlit multi-touch LCD
    Remotely-adjustable height (47″ to 60″ tall)
  • Wireless Connectivity : Wi-Fi – Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC (2.4 GHz, 5GHz)

    Bluetooth 4.2
    Developer Expansion
    2 x USB 3.2 SuperSpeed ports
    HDMI video output port
    Top and rear hardware mounting points
  • Colors: User-replaceable silicone trim (5 colors available)

Fully Integrated

The Double 3 robot has a fully integrated system. No iPad installation, Bluetooth pairing, or accessories are required, making setup much easier. Simply install the Double 3 Head onto the robot base with one bolt, and it will work. Driving is now safer, easier, and more reliable, thanks to its 3D obstacle avoidance technology.

Real Live Experience for Real Estate

The telepresence robot with its self-driving capabilities can help real estate companies, communities, and developers showcase available properties to their potential buyers, without actual buyer presence.
It offers the ability to view the apartment or villa remotely, opening doors for international sales without investing cost and time for travel.

See Double 3 in action

Experience Double 3 in action with a 360 video, feel the experience

Battery low? No Worries

With a four-hour battery life, the Double 3 robot can be driven back to its charging dock and it takes only 2 hours for the robot to be fully charged.

Shape and color

A compact design with a user-replaceable silicone trim in 5 colors

Advanced Suite of Sensors

( Super Zoom Lens, Wide Angle Lens , Motorized Tilting Cameras, Front Depth Sensor, 6 Beamforming Microphones, Amplflies Speaker, Floor Depth Sensor, 5 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors) 

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