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Autism & Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders Solution

Autism & Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders Solution

  • Industry: Education and Research
  • Service: Autism & Other Neurodevelopmental disorders 
  • Used Robot: NAO

Process Description

NAO robot, a bipedal humanoid robot, is deployed in a clinical setting, working with children on the spectrum. Children with autism are more accepting of his friendly neutral face and size. The application is designed to offer modalities that address cognitive and physical education.


Application of NAO Robot in your clinic or school to provide a bridge for children on the autism spectrum from isolation to enhance social and academic engagement through age-appropriate, non-threatening applications.

Identifying the basic needs of children diagnosed with ASD and how we can develop their skills is essential. Children are more receptive to NAO robots because they are able to interact easily and quickly with them, improving their emotional, social, and mental capabilities. Research suggests that robots might be an effective solution to help children develop their emotional, social, and mental skills as they respond to the robot. The prevalence of autism spectrum disorder has increased to one in 59 children today. In just four years, this has increased by 78 percent “


Reaching children who would otherwise choose to isolate themselves shows an improvement in cognitive and physical behavior and overall well-being.

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