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Who is KettyBot?

Taking forward the baton of minimalistic designs, Pudu Robotics has launched the KettyBot – a delivery and reception robot with an Ad Display. The customizable Ad Display zone makes it the perfect choice for a Marketing Expert, making product promotion or launching more visually appealing. 

How KettyBot helps you

KettyBot serves as an excellent assistant for marketing and delivery purposes. It is the perfect fit to maneuver crowded and complex surroundings since it comes with a clearance of 55cm.



  • Dimensions: 451mm X 435mm X 1120mm
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Carrying capacity: 30kg
  • Battery life:>8h
  • Charging time: 4.5h Max
  • Cruise speed: 1.2m/s
  • Clearance: 55cm
  • Ad display:18.5

Compact design
for improved

Thanks to the minimalist design concept of Pudu Technology, KettyBot can go through a clearance of only 55cm. With its slim size and smart C-shaped body, it is the best choice in busy and crowded places. KettyBot has a bionic design that is unique, adding to its appeal. From the height of the machine body to the screen tilt and the contour curvature, the bionic design is flawless.

Your marketing
assistant on wheels

With the ad display on the front side of KettyBot, it can help you show the customers your new offers and services.

Your designated

With the removable rear cover, KettyBot has an attractive design that makes it more manageable. The robot can help customers to their tables in the best path, thanks to its path planning.

Multi-customer delivery

KettyBot can serve more than one table in one run with optimal path planning. With KettyBot, you can do more with less!

Auto-navigation planning

With a dual navigation solution depending on laser and cameras, KettyBot can detect obstacles making it safer.

Multi-robot cooperation

Thanks Pudu’s Scheduler system, KettyBot can communicate directly with any robot in the same network

Battery low? No Worries

KettyBot provides a voice alert and shows on the screen when the battery is low and returns automatically to the docking station immediately.

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