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Level up your robots with PRoMS software to unlock unique capabilities

Key features

PRoMS, a platform for robot software development, caters to your business needs with a range of critical features intended to assure robot optimization, usability, and higher function efficiency. PRoMS allows organizations to create applications for their robots by harnessing the robots’ key and unique features. 
No-code platform

The easy-to-use platform offers uncomplicated editing and comes with pre-installed software. Users can build applications and showcase robot capabilities, without any technical background, by using visual blocks.


Allows users, even with no coding background, to create a fully customizable application based on business needs. Logo's, adding business and robot features and customer interaction options.

Easy activation

See the robot in action right after purchase.

Easy application updation

Instant deployment of applications onto one or more robots and the apps can be updated on the go.

PRoMS components

Its ability to connect with customers, share knowledge, and offer invaluable assistance in a friendly manner has added to the laurels this robot has achieved since its launch. The Pepper robot can create unique experiences for users, helping build meaningful and lasting relationships.
Robots management
The PROVEN Robotics team can manually activate and deactivate the robots from the command center. In addition, different languages other than the default language (English and Arabic) can also be installed onto the robots. Our team also offers automatic biweekly updates for the RMS version deployed for robots currently in service with clients.
Applications management
Using our PRoMS software, clients can create their own applications in line with their business requirements without any coding experience. Furthermore, the applications can be deployed onto one or more robots at the same time. Clients can also drag and add or drop predefined elements on our web application as per their needs. Multiple applications can be chosen for testing, saved onto the PRoMS software in drafts, published live, or archived.
Screens management
Integrated with our PRoMS application is a Screen Editor that allows clients to customize what users see displayed on the screen. Clients can also drag and add or drop predefined elements on our web application as per their needs. In addition, the screen management system can also be used to configure screen actions, which can be used to initiate gestures, voice-over, and navigation. It offers rich design capabilities, and the designs specified on the Screen Editor can be immediately seen on display.
Conversations creation
This feature of PRoMS allows clients to build a set of entire conversations between users and the robot by specifying a predefined set of phrases, questions, and answers, allowing them to decide how the robot would interact with customers and users. From the Home Screen, they can start interacting with the robot by using the voice command; the robot mimics human-like conversations and can seamlessly navigate between topics.

PRoMS Value Proposition

Increased customer engagement

Higher sales and revenue

Offer a unique experience to your customers

Safe interaction with customers during COVID-19

Save precious capital and time invested in support and development

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