PROVEN Robotics

Retail Sales Assistance Solution

Retail Sales Assistance Solution

  • Industry: Retail
  • Service: Sales Assistant
  • Used Robot: Pepper, temi

Process Description

Deployment of robots in the banking sector with PRoMS solutions to handle administrative tasks such as welcoming and booking appointments, credit card applications, and bank account status details. The easy touch screen allows users to navigate seamlessly through their banking portal or marketing materials.


PROVEN Robotics Solutions for Retail:

• Meet and Greet clients in a friendly manner with face recognition
• Showing Direction
• Providing information about the Bank/services
• FAQs and topics search
• Mask Detection
• Integration with the Bank backend system
• Queuing function integrated with the Bank’s system
• Answer questions about the Bank’s services through chatbot integration
• Measure customer satisfaction through questionnaires by Voice and through the Tablet
• Enable the customer to record voice complaints and send them to the customer care department


With Pepper and temi welcoming clients at the bank elevates long queues, handling repetitive tasks and offering speedy responses to frequently asked questions.

They can also collect important information to help clients process bank-related queries such as opening an account or credit/loan status. Implementing Pepper/temi improves the customer journey, loyalty, and overall experience.

See how Pepper works.
See how temi works.
Retail Market Place Assistant

Retail Market Place Assistant

  • Industry: Retail
  • Service: Market Place
  • Used Robot: Pudu (KettyBot)

Process Description

The use case for robots in shopping malls or large retail areas displays product information on the screen. KettyBot is a versatile autonomous delivery and hosting solution with a digital display unit. Simultaneously the back racks can be used to display products or samples of products.


A mobile advertising expert

A large 18.5″ screen on KettyBot perfectly adapts to the customer’s angle of view. In the customized zone, promotional materials can be displayed to provide a more eye-catching approach to marketing.

An Innovative Way to Attract Customers

This adorable and smart KettyBot greets customers by waking up on its screen and interacting with them. Such an intelligent and cute KettyBot would definitely catch more attention than the traditional approach.


KettyBot runs for up to 8 hours without recharging, and its small size makes it easy to move around.
KettyBot works in cruise mode, providing customers with free snacks and drinks and promoting services and promotions.

See how KettyBot works.

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