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Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

  • Industry: Travel & Hospitality
  • ServiceService Delivery
  • Used Robot: BellaBot, KettyBot

Process Description

Superior contactless delivery in hospitals, schools, or hotels. BellaBot offers a larger storage area with a higher weight-bearing capacity. The robot is programmed to bring food, medication, or other delivery items to the client with ease. In addition, it features a cute cat-like appearance that enhances the customer experience and triggers curiosity.  


BellaBot is easy to program and the perfect size for large service delivery needs. It offers a strong rack that has an increased capacity than its smaller counterpart – KettyBot. KettyBot can hassle-free carry food trays from the serving area to the client and back to the kitchen. It also allows multi-robot cooperation and can communicate directly with any robot in the same network. 


Incorporating Pudu robots as part of your service offers a plethora of benefits.:

See how KettyBot works.
See how BellaBot works.

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