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entertainment robots market

Entertainment Robots Market: Size and Industry Trends 

As we reach the pinnacle of human ingenuity and the demand and application for robotics overlap like never before, the entertainment robots market is surging toward unprecedented growth. With increasing technological advancements and a bustling global market for digital novelty and engaging entertainment options, robotics has finally stormed the grand stage of the entertainment industry.  […]

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delivery robots how do they work

Delivery Robots: How Do They Work and Perform Tasks?

 Introduction Delivery robots have been gaining widespread attention in recent years, with some predicting that they will revolutionize the delivery industry. These robots are designed to autonomously transport goods from a central location to their final destination. They are equipped with various sensors and navigational tools that enable them to safely navigate through obstacles and […]

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how do delivery robots know where to go

How Do Delivery Robots Know Where to Go?

1. Introduction: In recent years, the surge in demand for efficient last-mile delivery has propelled delivery robots into the spotlight. Urban landscapes are witnessing a transformative shift as these autonomous couriers gain popularity, offering a glimpse into the future of logistics. Now, the pressing question on everyone’s mind is, “How do delivery robots know where […]

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How PROVEN Robotics’ robots uplifted the Visitor Management for a renowned client

Gone are those days of the old-fashioned visitor management process when the visitors were compulsorily required to fill in a sheet kept at the front reception. In recent years, robotics has reached a new level of versatility through the enhancement of sensors, motion control, and machine learning to improve visitors’ experience. We will highlight how PROVEN Robotics was approached to improve the visitor management of a notable client in this case study article and what unfolded after we implemented our solutions.

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