PROVEN Robotics

How PROVEN Robotics’ robots uplifted the Visitor Management for a renowned client

Gone are those days of the old-fashioned visitor management process when the visitors were compulsorily required to fill in a sheet kept at the front reception. In recent years, robotics has reached a new level of versatility through the enhancement of sensors, motion control, and machine learning to improve visitors’ experience. We will highlight how PROVEN Robotics was approached to improve the visitor management of a notable client in this case study article and what unfolded after we implemented our solutions.

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Transform your Daily Life with these Assistant Robots

How many of you saw Star Wars and wanted to bring R2-D2 home with you? We haven’t gotten that far yet, but robot companions, virtual assistants, and home management aids have steadily improved since Roomba was introduced in 2002. There are human-like robots that use artificial intelligence and are less expensive than new computers and make life easier for humans.

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