Applications of the robot
Private use
How DOBOT helps you
Often referred to as "the Magician," the DOBOT robot's extendable robotic arm is multifunctional and can be easily operated through an app. Spearheading practical education training methods in a fun way.
Who is DOBOT?
A compact, cost-effective, and easily operable robot arm, designed for students who want to self-study or practice independently, e.g. during a STEAM lesson.
190mm × 190mm
500g (Max 750g)
TCP/IP, Modbus TCP
100 - 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
60W Max
0 ℃ ~40 ℃
DobotStudio 2020, SCStudio
Base Size
Degree of Freedom
Communication Interface
Power Supply
Nominal Voltage
Nominal Power
Working Environment
Installation Way
The STEAM assistant for everyone
An entry level, small-size, and simple-to-use device that allows any learner to practice independently. Programming, APP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mouse, and other methods can be used to control it.
Compact and lightweight design
This all-in-one STEAM "magician", is lightweight, compact and designed as an intelligent training robotic arm, that students can use in their practical lessons.
See DOBOT in action
Bring industrial robotic arm to daily life, 3D printer, laser engraver and more!
How can DOBOT help me?
High qualification standards
DOBOT magician applies to major international standards like CE, RoHS, ERP, FCC, KC, PSE, TELEC, etc.
Free combination in training module
It is compatible with multiple accessories such as linear rail kit, conveyor belt kit, visual kit, and crawler robot. An open platform for robot education, such as Industrial 4.0, Automation, PLC, and other related topics.
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