Double 3 robot. Physical presence.

Double 3 robot is a self-driving robot that can be controlled remotely and allows users to feel physically present through a virtual platform

Key features

The Double 3 robot looks similar to a segway with a tablet mounted on top. Categorized as a telepresence robot, Double 3 is integrated with an in-built camera and microphones, allowing users to access any environment virtually.
Two 13-megapixel built-in cameras
6 integrated beamforming microphones
In-built battery with a 4-hour battery life
Dual Kickstands
Five display color choices
Self-driving sensors
Convenient charge station

Industries and Applications

Double 3 is the answer you are looking for, given the recent shift towards remote working and learning environments. Incorporated with modern technologies and additional features compared to its predecessor, it can add value to services ranging from healthcare to education.


• Makes remote learning convenient
• Allows children of determination access to educational material and online classes
• Provides opportunities for immunocompromised individuals to access education remotely
• Offers easy access to distance learning
• Facilitates remote participation


• Allows healthcare professionals to make diagnoses virtually
• Enables doctors to consult with international counterparts for second opinions
• Facilitates remote patient monitoring
• Helps medical students to access training sessions remotely
• Enables doctors and other healthcare professionals to practice telemedicine

Corporate Organizations

• Allows employees to attend meetings virtually
• Enables employers to supervise through remote means
• Facilitates virtual brand promotions, events, etc.
• Helps employees attend trainings from anywhere
• Allows teams to connect with global counterparts easily

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