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Facilitate inclusive learning through concrete examples and enhance student engagement by presenting a distinctive curriculum alongside state-of-the-art STEM educational labs featuring our best educational robots in Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

The Benefits of Using Robots
in the Education Industry

Elevated Engagement and Interaction

Educational conversational robots such as NAO are crafted to captivate students swiftly, holding their attention for prolonged periods and ensuring an interactive and engaging learning experience.  

Tailored Learning Experiences

Robots can be programmed to accommodate diverse learning styles and paces, delivering personalized exercises and feedback that cater to individual strengths and weaknesses, fostering a customized learning journey for each student.  

Optimal Support in STEM Education

Employing educational robots like DOBOT Magician in classrooms facilitates a passion for STEM subjects, offering hands-on programming, problem-solving, and engineering experiences that contribute to developing essential skills.  

Promote Inclusive Education

Robots like NAO contribute to inclusive learning environments, particularly benefiting special needs students, as they provide a non-judgmental and therapeutic approach, enhancing cognitive skills.  

Prepare for Future Workforce Trends

Integrating robots into education exposes students to technology and practical applications, granting them a competitive advantage in today’s technology-centric industries and preparing them for evolving workforce demands.  

Cultivate Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Collaboration with robots stimulates critical and creative thinking among students, nurturing a growth mindset and assisting them in honing crucial problem-solving skills for future success. 

Explore Our Robots for Healthcare

At PROVEN Robotics, the leading robotic solutions provider in Saudi Arabia, we offer a diverse range of robots for buying and renting within our portfolio, all at budget-friendly rates for your educational needs. Our robots are known for their exceptional reliability and efficiency, thanks to the diligent maintenance performed by our team of skilled robotics engineers. Plus, our extensive list of esteemed clients places their trust in us.


NAO robot fulfills its designation as a “multipurpose entertainer” by serving as an ASD Therapy Assistant in the educational sector.    


  • Friendly and approachable look    
  • User-friendly interface     
  • Open, programmable platform    
  • Rechargeable battery   


  • Designed to interact with people   
  • Ideal for research purposes   
  • Widely accepted in aged care homes and ASD therapy centers  
  • Engage in various fun-filled activities, from playing soccer to dancing .
    Learn More


DOBOT is a sleek, budget-friendly, and user-friendly robotic arm explicitly designed for students seeking self-guided study or independent practice, perfect for enhancing STEM lessons  


  • Compact design and lightweight  
  • 190mm×190mm footprint, allows it to fit in small spaces  
  • Compatible with multiple accessories like linear rail kit, conveyor belt kit, etc.  
  • Use nominal power and voltage    


  • Allows any learner to practice independently  
  • A fun approach to teaching practical training or STEM education   
  • Ideal for performing lightweight activities repeatedly in confined places   Learn More


Our humanoid robot, Pepper, can perceive emotions and establish empathetic connections with users. Globally recognized as a friendly assistant, receptionist, and feedback collector, Pepper is warmly accepted in various educational settings.


  • Interactive social robot    
  • Equipped with perception modules    
  • Touch sensors in the head and hand    
  • Open and fully programmable platform    
  • Long battery life.


  • Proactive conversation starter    
  • Communicate in 15+ languages     
  • Connects with students by acknowledging emotions and recognizing faces    

What Can Our Robots Do?

Interactive Teaching Assistant

NAO can serve as an interactive teaching assistant by engaging students in lessons, providing verbal explanations, and offering support in various subjects. Its humanoid design facilitates a more relatable and engaging learning experience.  

STEM-Based Projects

DOBOT Magician supports hands-on learning in STEM subjects. Students can use robots to complete science, technology, engineering, and mathematics projects, gaining practical experience and applying theoretical knowledge.   

Coding and Programming Workshop

NAO provides a platform for teaching coding and programming skills. Students can program the robot to perform specific tasks, fostering a practical understanding of coding principles and technology.  

Industry-Relevant Skill Development

The robot prepares students for future careers by providing hands-on experience in robotics and automation. DOBOT Magician exposes students to industry-relevant skills, including programming, robotics, and engineering, aligning their education with the demands of the modern workforce.  


Utilize cameras and sensors for real-time patient monitoring in critical situations, like post-surgical recovery or chronic disease management.  

Why Choose PROVEN Robotics?

Full Cycle Solution Provider

We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of robotic systems. Our expertise encompasses distributing cutting-edge robot technology, developing in-house software tailored to specific needs, and providing diligent after-sales maintenance and support.      

Pay-As-You-Go Model

Upscale your healthcare offers and stay ahead of the competition with service robots in healthcare! You can buy or rent them according to your specific requirements through our pay-as-you-go model.     

Professional Team

We have a team of highly skilled professionals and developers who understand your needs and market challenges for the specific industry and can build a solution accordingly.   

24/7 Support

PROVEN Robotics is the pioneer company in setting up the first robot maintenance team and a robot lab in Saudi Arabia. We provide an all-encompassing maintenance and support package directly from our in-house facility.  

In-House Built Robot Management Platform

Our internally developed Robotic Platform Management System (PRoMS) can optimize efficiency and enhance customer experience, ultimately driving down costs associated with deploying robotic applications.     

One-Of-A-Kind Robot Lab

We’re the trailblazers, setting up our unique robot lab in Riyadh. It’s your chance to dive hands-on into our services and solutions and interact with our smart robots.    

What Organizations Can Benefit
from Our Robots?


Schools and Educational Institutions

Traditional schools, both at the primary and secondary levels, can enhance their teaching methodologies by incorporating interactive robots to engage students and make learning more dynamic.   

Special Education Centers for Students with ASD

Organizations focusing on special education can benefit from the therapeutic and non-judgmental interactions provided by robots like NAO, aiding in the cognitive skill development of students with diverse learning needs.  


Research institutions focused on education and technology can utilize robots like NAO and DOBOT Magician for studies on the effectiveness of robotics in education, human-robot interaction, and learning outcomes.  

Corporate Training Programs

Organizations providing corporate training and professional development can utilize educational robots for hands-on learning experiences in programming, automation, and robotics.  

Government Educational Initiatives

Government agencies involved in educational initiatives can explore the integration of robots in schools and learning centers as part of broader efforts to enhance educational outcomes and foster innovation.  

Nonprofit Educational Initiatives

Nonprofit organizations focused on education can incorporate these robots into their initiatives, providing students in underserved communities access to interactive and technology-driven learning experiences.  


If the robot has an open, programmable platform, you can. Robots like Pepper or NAO can be programmed to perform specific tasks. You can quickly build robot content through our no-code robot management platform, PRoMS for Pepper.     

Indeed, we offer flexible rental options for our robots. Whether you need them for a short-term project, an event, or an extended period, our rental services are designed to accommodate various durations based on your specific requirements

We have already described various applications of robots in thde education sector, ranging from food delivery to information providers and more. If you want to understand more about their applications, we suggest you get in touch with our robotics team.

The future of robots in the education industry holds immense potential with a focus on personalized learning experiences, specialized education support, and advancements in STEM education. Robots like NAO and DOBOT Magician are expected to play pivotal roles in delivering tailored content, providing hands-on experiences, and adapting to individual learning styles. Human-robot collaboration is anticipated to increase, as robots take on roles such as co-facilitators and intelligent tutors. The integration of virtual and augmented reality, along with a global collaborative learning approach, is likely to create immersive and interconnected educational experiences. Ethical considerations, affordability, and accessibility will be key areas of focus, ensuring responsible and widespread implementation. Overall, educational robots are poised to contribute significantly to the evolution of teaching methodologies, fostering holistic skill development for students in preparation for the future workforce. 


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