PROVEN Robotics



  • Industry: General
  • Service: Disinfection
  • Used Robot: Puductor2

Process Description

The use of UV light to disinfect hospitals enhances patient safety.

Health care providers are concerned about cross-infection in hospitals. Hospitalization exposes millions of patients to infection risks, and thousands of patients die as a result. For the above reasons, Puductor2 is an excellent hospital robot choice. 


Utilizing Intelligent UV-C Lamp Protection, Puductor 2 offers 99.99% Ultraviolet C Disinfection for all areas in the hospital.

Using an air disinfection machine in combination with the UV cleaning robot, all indoor environments can be made sanitary, and the risk of cross-infection is minimized.


Silent, and working while others rest, Puductor 2 seamlessly disinfects large areas with both UV light and air disinfection. As a result, cross infection and diseases such as COVID 19 are reduced.


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