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Unlock the potential of hologram robots to facilitate engaging interactions with your customers and transcend the physical robots’ limitations in size or mobility. Create your personalized HoloBot to foster connections with your company and brand paired with our no-code content management platform

What is a Hologram-Based Robot?

Holograms are three-dimensional images generated by light beams reflecting actual objects. They retain the depth, and other characteristics of the originals. Physical robots have many limitations, such as size or the ability to foster an engaging interaction. Holographic robots address these issues by enabling you to connect to the HoloBot, which augments a virtual avatar that projects facial and gesture expressions. 

What Do You Get with
Our Hologram Robot Interface

Harness the hologram robot’s versatility to showcase any character for brand presentations and your customer interactions effortlessly. Our solution integrates key components such as hologram fan, tablet-based interaction and our in-house no-code PRoMS for robot content management. 


We utilize the best holographic display to design your hologram robot. The visual appeal of holograms provides a captivating and interactive way to engage with your audience. Whether at events, trade shows, or retail spaces, a holographic representation of your brand can draw people in by offering a more immersive and engaging experience better than any conventional methods.

Tablet-Based Interaction

Tablets provide a familiar interface for interacting with hologram robots, making it easy for you to navigate menus, select options, and control the robot’s movements. With a simple touch or swipe, you can command your HoloBot to spring into action, captivating your audience with mesmerizing animations synchronized with engaging voiceovers. Using tablet-based interaction, our hologram robots display content and exhibit interactive presentations, facilitating better engagement with your clients.   



PRoMS, No-Code Content Management Tool

Imagine having the flexibility to design messages, prompts, or even entire conversations tailored to your audience’s preferences- all without traditional coding. Our no-code robot content development platform, PRoMS, puts the power of content creation for your hologram robot in your hands. Moreover, PRoMS enables you to synchronize the content you’ve configured with what the HoloBot will be delivering to your customers. This means that the messages and presentations you design can seamlessly align with the responses and actions of the HoloBot, leading to a cohesive and engaging experience. PRoMS not only simplifies content creation but also enhances the effectiveness of your customer interactions by enabling dynamic, personalized, and synchronized messaging through your HoloBot.

Our hologram robot, ranging in size from 65cm to 3 meters, is versatile and suitable for a wide range of purposes across various industries. You can either buy or lease them as per your requirements.  

Why Get a Hologram Robot?


Hologram robots offer a more immersive and engaging interaction experience than traditional interfaces, as they can project lifelike 3D avatars that can gesture, express emotions, and communicate with users naturally and intuitively. 

Better Mobility and Versatility

Hologram robots can adapt to various environments and scenarios, making them suitable for multiple applications, including marketing, branding, customer service in retail, education, healthcare, and more. 

Build Your Own Robot from Scratch

Hologram interface allows you to build your own robot without any limitations from scratch. It empowers you to unleash your creativity and bring your unique robot vision to life, shaping every aspect of your robot’s appearance and functionality in coherence with your brand’s presence. 

Novelty and Engagement

The novelty of hologram technology attracts attention and generates interest, making hologram robots practical tools for marketing, advertising, and brand promotion. Their visually stunning displays captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. 

Hologram Value

HoloBot fosters engaging interactions as a brand ambassador, customer service rep, or educational tool, enhancing engagement and communication

HoloBot allows personalized customization, tailoring appearance, voice, and behavior to create unique experiences tailored to your preferences

Incorporating holograms enables a visually stunning and interactive representation that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression on your customers

Generate viral marketing campaigns by delivering emotionally impactful and humanized experiences to your customer base.

Services We Provide

Harness the hologram robot’s versatility to showcase any character for brand presentations and your customer interactions effortlessly. Our solution integrates key components such as hologram fan, tablet-based interaction and our in-house no-code PRoMS for robot content management. 

Ready-Made HoloBot

Unleash the power of our ready-made HoloBot, paired with our user-friendly, no-code platform PRoMS, to craft captivating content that resonates with your audience. Seamlessly customize your robot’s interactions and personality traits to align with your brand identity perfectly. With our holographic robot technology, engage your customers in immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact and drive your marketing efforts to go viral.

Custom HoloBot

Embarking on the creation of a custom holographic experience starts with your vision and project needs. Approach PROVEN Robotics to bring your ideas to life with a customized hologram robot design tailored precisely to your specifications. You can tailor the robot’s content and interactions to seamlessly reflect your brand identity with our no-code platform. Utilizing our cutting-edge holographic robot technology, immerse your audience in captivating experiences that resonate long after the encounter, propelling your marketing endeavors to viral success.

Digital Avatar

f you want an extra layer of human touch for your hologram robot, you can approach us to design a digital avatar using our holographic interface. Enhance your digital marketing efforts by connecting with your audience in a distinctively human and interactive manner. Let the avatar represent your brand as an ambassador, encapsulate the essence and identity of your brand, providing a seamless integration with your marketing strategies and messaging. 

What Are the Procedures to Make This Happen?

Our team will arrange a direct in-person or virtual meeting to understand your vision before starting the project.  

Our experts leverage prototypes to validate your vision and gather early feedback. Then we move on to the design phase. 

Next, our team proceeds with the development of the project, ensuring precision and adherence to your requirements every step of the way.

We’ll deploy the HoloBot to the physical location, ensuring that it is in perfect working condition according to your specifications.

In case you encounter any technical issue, our team will launch on-site support and maintenance to ensure seamless operation of the HoloBot.

Why Choose Us?

Full Cycle Solution Provider

We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of robotic systems. Our expertise encompasses distributing cutting-edge robot technology, developing in-house software tailored to specific needs, and providing diligent after-sales maintenance and support. With HoloBot, we provide comprehensive support from design, development, testing, and delivery to on-site assistance.

Decade-Long Presence in GCC

We have a team of experts who understand the intricacies of doing business in the GCC region with our decade-long presence in the market. Our on the ground presence is further solidified with our one-of-a-kind robot lab in Riyadh which will allow you to dive hands-on into our services and solutions and interact with our smart robots. 

Lauded by Satisfied Clients

We have delivered many successful projects and received appreciation from our clientele. Their commendations testify to our commitment to providing exceptional solutions and exceeding expectations. We take pride in building enduring partnerships based on trust, quality, and client satisfaction.   



Who Can Use
Our Hologram Robot?

Marketing & Events

Bid farewell to dull events and welcome a new trend – hologram robots in marketing! Design your personalized digital representation and enhance interaction with your clientele. 

Retail &

Boost sales at your retail store using our unique hologram robots and experience premium engagement in malls with impactful display ads, and dynamic mall activations. 

Travel & Hospitality

Design your virtual counterpart tailored for travel and hospitality applications using our holographic robot technology, optimizing communication with your customers. 


Capture attention in executive offices with your digital identity for the corporate through our holographic robot fostering better engagement with your visitors.


Create your digital avatar for your healthcare sector with our hologram robot and facilitate engagement with your visitors. 


Enhance student engagement with a unique educational tool featuring our hologram robots for your education sector. 

Oil & Gas

Elevate your customers’ journey by incorporating hologram robot in oil and gas and facilitate effective interaction with your clientele. 



Food Industry

Employ our hologram robots for your restaurants and forge your digital avatar for unique brand representation, enhancing interaction with your guests. 

Buy Or Rent for Your Convenience

Explore our affordable hologram robot, catering to all your marketing requirements. You can also opt for our hologram robot rental service, ideal for events or other occasions. Talk to our experts for pricing details for buying and renting. 


You must contact the PROVEN Robotics team with your vision for the project, and we will assist you in creating the hologram robot.  

Our in-house robot content management platform, PRoMS, features a robust built-in NLU engine designed for interactions in over 10 languages, including our internally developed Arabic NLU. This enables the robot to simulate human-like conversations and effortlessly transition between topics using voice commands. 

You must contact the PROVEN Robotics team for more information about programming the hologram interface.

Of course, you can. Creating a digital avatar can enhance your marketing efforts by connecting with your audience in a distinctively human and interactive manner. 

Robot interactions can be built through our no-code robot management platform, PRoMS. Our powerful NLU will determine the response and promote increased engagement between your customers and robots. For further details, you must contact the PROVEN Robotics team. 


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