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Elevate your hospital experience by enlisting Pepper through the PRoMS app. Reduce wait times and optimize daily operations by automating routine queries like check-in, accessing emergency room information, making announcements, and gathering visitor ratings—all at your fingertips

Key Features of PRoMS Readymade App for Hospital

Leverage the power of our groundbreaking no-code robot management system, PRoMS, to unlock Pepper's full potential. Utilize Pepper with the PRoMS app to seamlessly undertake diverse roles and functions within your hospital setting, elevating the overall customer experience


This feature within the app empowers hospital administrators to automate common patient inquiries, such as checking in and accessing appointment details. Once the booking ID is entered, Pepper seamlessly directs patients to their assigned rooms and appointment times. But that’s not all. Two more noteworthy features are the ‘doctor match quiz’ and ‘personal medical recommendation.’ If a patient is uncertain which specialist to consult, the robot poses general questions about their symptoms, recommending suitable specialists and corresponding treatment plans. Patients can also conveniently schedule visits to the recommended specialists through this feature.  

Emergency Rooms

Navigating a large hospital facility can be daunting for patients or patient parties, especially when trying to locate the emergency room under crisis situations. This feature addresses this challenge, ensuring a seamless journey for all parties. By entering the patient’s name, Pepper will efficiently guide them to the emergency room and provide clear instructions for the next steps in their care.  


The hospital organizes daily events, including vaccinations, free health screenings, and more. However, effectively promoting these events to reach a broad audience can be challenging for management. This feature offers a simple solution. Upon clicking on this menu, Pepper will effortlessly inform individuals about upcoming events, facilitate registrations through the application, and ensure easy access to event information.   

Rate Your Visit

This functionality supports hospital management in collecting feedback from both patients and visitors, enabling them to enhance service offerings based on the gathered data. Simultaneously, patients have the opportunity to rate their visit freely, fostering a transparent relationship with the hospital and a commitment to ongoing improvement based on customer experiences.  

Discover the Winning Combo: Why Should you Get PRoMS Hospital App for your Robot?

From enhancing the patient journey to optimizing operational efficiency, Pepper, with our readymade app, serves as a versatile and invaluable asset. Hospital owners should embrace this innovative combination for a more seamless and patient-centric healthcare experience

Improved Event Promotion

Hospitals often host various events, such as vaccinations and screenings. Pepper can effectively promote these events through the hospital application, reaching a broader audience and ensuring increased attendance. This feature contributes to community engagement and healthcare awareness.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Hiring a Pepper robot with the hospital application can significantly improve the patient's experience. Pepper can assist patients with routine inquiries, guide them through the facility, and provide valuable information, making their hospital visits more efficient and pleasant.

Automated Patient Feedback

The integration of Pepper allows for seamless feedback collection from patients and visitors. By automating this process through the hospital application, hospitals gain valuable insights to enhance services and promptly address any concerns, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Efficient Queue Management

With Pepper's assistance, hospitals can streamline operations by automating appointment bookings and check-ins and providing real-time information about waiting times. This not only reduces queues but also enhances the overall efficiency of daily operations.

Facilitation of Doctor-Patient Interaction

The 'doctor match quiz' and 'personal medical recommendation' features enable patients to find the right specialist based on their symptoms. This not only assists patients in making informed decisions but also facilitates a smoother and more personalized interaction between doctors and patients, contributing to better healthcare outcomes.


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