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How PROVEN Robotics’ robots uplifted the Visitor Management for a renowned client

The practice of receiving, handling, and keeping an eye on visitors at workplaces or other facilities is known as visitor management. The degree to which a visitor management solution is complex will primarily depend on the safety standards of the business. While it may be sufficient for some organizations to gather a visitor’s name, others may need badges, legal documents, employee escorts, etc. Gone are those old-fashioned versions of visitor management solutions when the visitors were compulsorily required to write down their names, entry times, or the person they wanted to meet on the sign-in sheet, or a paper usually kept at the front desk or on a clipboard. At some point, a new sign-in sheet emerges on the clipboard to record the following visitors after the previous one is filed away or trashed.

With the advancement of innovations, several visitor management technologies have been introduced that are transforming businesses- one of them is using robots. In this use case, we will discuss how robots from PROVEN Robotics facilitated the visitor management practice for one of our renowned clients and helped them surpass the daily challenges to a great extent. To maintain confidentiality, we choose not to disclose the client’s name; however, we will share deep insights into the robots we implemented and how they added value to the facility. 


First thing first. No business wants to appear outdated, especially when it comes to technology. You want to demonstrate to the world, your clients, potential employees, and job candidates that you are on the cutting edge of innovation. 

When the client asked us to enhance the visitor management facility, they wanted to eliminate interruptions for better productivity. According to research from the University of California, Irvine, a typical office worker is interrupted once every 11 minutes. The average office worker would not even reach optimal performance on a task after one interruption before they were interrupted again. No company can afford to have its staff operating at a 20% disadvantage in today’s competitive business environment.

The requirement to have someone at the front desk all the time is another productivity pitfall. A traditional receptionist’s role has expanded beyond just checking in visitors or answering calls at the front desk. By reducing the time-consuming and mundane tasks, the company can use the person in more complex tasks that require human intervention. 


Imagine a robot greeting you at the front desk instead of a human who also answers your basic queries smoothly. In recent years, robotics has reached a new level of versatility through the enhancement of sensors, motion control, and machine learning. By fusing computers, sensors, and mechanical effectors, AI has significantly benefited customers in several ways.

To give a rich visitor experience, we have decided to implement our highly effective assistant robots Pepper and temi, along with a hybrid Robot Management System (PRoMS) that allows our customers to manage, update, and create their own day-to-day functions on robots based on our market-driven use cases and applications.

Robots used

Pepper, Social Robot

Key Features

Pepper is a social humanoid robot equipped with many useful features, capable of recognizing faces and basic human emotions. This social robot can be a great addition to the team as a welcome assistant, information guide, and receptionist to elevate the customers’ experience by entertaining them at the front desk. Pepper’s key features include 

  • Native chatbot
  • Camera
  • Mic
  • Speakers
  • Human detection and interaction
  • Native Room database
  • Google cloud connectivity (Firebase)
  • Google Maps
  • QR reader/generator
  • Sending SMS/Emails
  • Multiple language interfaces (Arabic / English)
  • Online CMS integration

temi, Personal Robot

Key Features

Armed with autonomous navigation, temi enhances human-robot interaction features and can be repurposed in industries ranging from hospitals to security firms. From reception assistant, customer care, sales promotion, marketing assistant, way-finder, and parking guide to helping in taking photographs or videos, temi can do multiple hats.  temi key features include

  • Autonomous navigation
  • 360 depth perception
  • Dynamic path planning
  • Human face tracking
  • Video call & control
  • Powerful sound system
  • QHD 10” touch display

Robot management system 

We also provide a robot management system known as PRoMS. It is a no-code platform that caters to your business needs with a range of critical features intended to assure robot optimization, usability, and higher function efficiency. PRoMS allows organizations to create applications for robots by harnessing their key and unique features. In short, PRoMS + Pepper/temi will maximize their functional efficiency.

How can Pepper help?

Implementing Pepper in the reception area has benefitted the client in two ways. Pepper is a proactive robot which means it can initiate a conversation. Second, it can quickly respond to basic questions when a visitor approaches him.

Proactive modeResponsive mode
Greeting visitors and controlling wait times more effectively, minimizing reception congestionGuest approaches Pepper and asks a question
Pepper asks the guest, ‘How can I help you today?’ or any other questions the clients want to addPepper requests the guest to choose from the following options:
– Show direction
– Meet an employee
– Have a drink
– Sign in to a meeting
Guest chooses the service by voice or through the tabletPepper guides the guest accordingly once they pick an option

How can temi help? 

Implementing temi in the facility has enhanced the customers’ experience, especially when maneuvering through the building or if they need information regarding directions. 

  • Send the direction through an email or SMS
  • Physical guidance is done through temi, which will accompany the guest with navigation to the place inside the facility
  • Provide suggestions for building landmarks in the robot screen

Additional ways they can assist

Both Pepper and Temi can also help clients in various ways, such as by giving them information on the employees, conducting an unbiased survey, or reading ID cards. 


The implementation resulted in a number of benefits; saving the cost of a full-time receptionist and allowing the employees to take on more critical tasks. It also cuts down the need to hire additional staff when one member goes on vacation or takes sick leave because robots can perform tirelessly throughout the day. Most importantly, it enhanced the visitors’ overall experience and increased visitor footfall and retention. Robots also provide real-time analytics to develop visitors’ insight, helping the client increase service effectiveness.  Robot-as-a-Service is another service provided by PROVEN Robotics that enables you to try out our robots before hiring them full-time. Request a free consultation to learn more.

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