Applications of the robot
Health care
helps you
A humanoid bipedal robot, NAO is helping revolutionize several industries such as education, healthcare, and entertainment. Often referred to as "multi-purpose," the robot NAO is one of the most renowned products offered by Softbank Robotics.
Who is NAO?
NAO is a programmable and handy robot, integrated with a world of cutting-edge technologies, making it one of the sought-after robotics software products. NAO lives up to its "multipurpose entertainer" tag as it can serve as an ASD Therapy Assistant as well as a teaching assistant.
NAO Parameters
58 cm X 27.5 cm X 31.1 cm
5.5 kilograms
27.6 Wh Lithium-ion battery
Motion speed
Motion speed
Degrees of Freedom
Your teaching assistant
NAO nurtures an empathetic relationship between students and teachers. Furthermore, it allows teachers to create interactive content and customize teaching activities. NAO is designed to offer easy access to education to children of determination. The robot is known to instigate positive classroom learning experiences. In addition, it can be easily programmed using Python, thanks to the robot being integrated with Choreographe IDE.
Your healthcare assistant
NAO can be customized to serve as a healthcare/hospital assistant, wherein it can augment administrative processes and quality and methods of patient care. Furthermore, it allows healthcare professionals to deliver accurate diagnoses with the help of real-time data collated by NAO pertaining to patient history and vitals.
Your ASD therapy assistant
NAO establishes an emotional connection between patients and healthcare professionals, assisting them in providing adequate care to children of determination. As an ASD Therapy Assistant, NAO can bring groundbreaking changes with its advanced therapeutic technology.
See NAO in action
Famous around the world, NAO is a tremendous programming tool and he has especially become a standard in education and research.
How can NAO help me?
Battery low?
No Worries
NAO comes with a rechargeable battery
Shape and color
An adorable appearance with a white exterior, NAO has several versatile features and is very popular with users due to its friendly, approachable look.
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Famous around the world, NAO is a tremendous programming tool and he has especially become a standard in education and research.
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