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At PROVEN Robotics, we offer a diverse range of rental robots within our portfolio, all at budget-friendly rates for your event needs. Our robots are known for their exceptional reliability and efficiency, thanks to the diligent maintenance performed by our team of skilled robotics engineers. Plus, our extensive list of esteemed clients places their trust in us.


3 Days

SAR 2,500

1 Week

SAR 4,500

2 Weeks

SAR 7,000

1 Month

SAR 12,000


3 Days

SAR 3,000

1 Week

SAR 5,000

2 Weeks

SAR 7,500

1 Month

SAR 12,500

Why Hire a Robot?

Improved Customer Service

Robots can be concierges to show information about local attractions, restaurants, and room service, making the stay enjoyable.

Reduce Wait Times

Enhance guest experience with smart check-in and check-out, reduce wait times, and enhance overall satisfaction.

Marketing and Brand Differentiation

Hiring robots in hospitality is a powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool, setting you apart from competitors.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible Subscription

Rent versatile robots for peak season support or customize rentals to meet your needs.

Professional Team

Our experts create tailored solutions, adeptly addressing industry challenges based on your unique needs

24/7 Support

Leading the way in Saudi Arabia with robot maintenance and in-house support services.

How it works

6 simple Steps to rent a Robot

Identify Needs and Requirements

Determine the tasks or functions you want the robot to perform in your hotel. This could include room service, concierge services, marketing purposes, etc.

Request Demonstrations or Trials

You can ask for demonstrations or trials of the robots you’re interested in to get hands-on experience and assess whether the robot meets your requirements.

Negotiate Terms and Agreements

Once you’ve selected a robot, we’ll discuss the purchase or rental agreement terms. This should include delivery timelines, warranty details, and additional maintenance or monitoring services.

Arrange Installation and Training

We’ll coordinate with you to schedule the robot installation. We can also arrange proper training in operating and maintaining the robot.

Implement and Monitor

Once we integrate the robot into your hotel operations, you can also ask us to monitor its performance and gather feedback from both staff and guests to make any necessary adjustments.

Maintain and Support

Remember that maintenance and support are crucial for the continued performance of the robot. Regularly schedule maintenance checks and be prepared to address any technical issues promptly.

Best of the best

Our Clients

Who is PROVEN Robotics

About Us

Established in 2020, PROVEN Robotics is the culmination of years of collective experience, research, and expertise harnessed by highly skilled robotics professionals. 

We provide a wide range of robotics services, hardware, and software with our Robotics Management System “PRoMS” and our robots lab in Riyadh.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with us?


BellaBot is a premium delivery robot designed by Pudu Technology Inc. It features innovative bionic design, multi-modal interaction, and advanced human-robot interaction capabilities.

KettyBot is a flexible multitasker delivery robot designed by Pudu Technology Inc. It features compact design, autonomous path planning, AI voice interaction, and multiple delivery modes, making it an ideal choice for crowded and complex environments.

BellaBot supports both Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning and navigation solutions, allowing it to adapt to various scenarios. Both solutions are accurate and provide an excellent user experience.

BellaBot adopts an innovative bionic design, incorporating the height of the machine body, screen tilt, and shape curve. It stands out with its aesthetic appeal and attention to detail.

BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors and a modular chassis for 3D omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. It can detect obstacles and stop at any angle, ensuring a safe and reliable delivery experience.

BellaBot offers multi-modal interaction, including light, touch, and draw interactions. Different task statuses trigger corresponding light effect interactions, and touch feedback provides a comprehensive user experience. Additionally, BellaBot has dozens of expressive original expressions for more diverse emotional communication.

BellaBot features an intelligent infrared induction tray with a modular structure, allowing for quick disassembly. It also incorporates power exchange technology for easy battery replacement, making it suitable for continuous 24/7 operations.

BellaBot is equipped with three RGBD depth cameras, providing it with advanced three-dimensional perception. It can accurately detect and respond to obstacles in just 0.5 seconds.

BellaBot utilizes the PUDU SCHEDULER, which allows decentralized communication and quick decision-making between robots in the same network. This design reduces network requirements and enhances the interaction mechanism among robots.

BellaBot benefits from the PUDU CLOUD platform, which provides intelligent cloud services for Pudu robots. This includes business management, automated operation and maintenance, data collection, and cloud-based smart services for the catering industry.

KettyBot offers various delivery modes, such as multi-table delivery, cruise mode, and autonomous path planning. It can precisely position itself, plan the optimal path, and deliver items to multiple tables in one run, providing a more efficient and convenient experience.

KettyBot features AI voice interaction, allowing it to greet and interact with passing customers by waking up its screen. It also has a centered ad display that perfectly adapts to the customer's angle of view, providing a more eye-catching approach.

KettyBot is equipped with laser and visual dual navigation solutions, providing accurate obstacle detection and avoidance. Additionally, it features an automatic localization and navigation system and 3D sensors, ensuring a safe and reliable delivery experience.

KettyBot features multiple removable trays and rear covers, making it flexible and versatile. It also has a compact design, allowing it to go through a clearance of only 55cm. Furthermore, it comes with a fixed cup holder accessory, ensuring stable and safe transportation of cups.

KettyBot features an impressive auto-charging function that provides a voice alert and UI notification when the battery is low. It then returns to the docking station to charge simultaneously. The docking station needs to be purchased additionally.

KettyBot utilizes the PUDU Scheduler system, enabling direct communication with any robot in the same network. This design enhances the interaction mechanism among robots and promotes higher efficiency.

KettyBot features a compact and sleek design, making it highly agile and suitable for complex and crowded environments. Additionally, its removable rear cover has a minimalist streamlined design that makes it more compact, and the centered ad display provides greater customer attraction.

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