Pepper. Interaction master

Designed to perceive emotions and form empathetic connections with users, Pepper robot contributes significantly to a plethora of industries.

Key features

Aiding several services starting from education to healthcare, it is systemically constructed to be modified into the mold of any particular industry. From serving as an Airport Concierge to a Hospital Assistant, the robot Pepper can don a multitude of roles.
1 year warranty card
One 3D camera and two HD cameras (Built-in)
Four directional microphones
Voice emotions sensors
WiFi connectivity
Tablet-mounted robot
3 multidirectional wheels
Freedom of movement of 360 degrees
A maximum speed of 3 km/hour
12-hour battery life
Six laser sensors, two ultrasound transmitters, and three obstacle detectors
Convenient charger

Industries and Applications

Its ability to connect with customers, share knowledge, and offer invaluable assistance in a friendly manner has added to the laurels this robot has achieved since its launch. The Pepper robot can create unique experiences for users, helping build meaningful and lasting relationships.

Education and Research

• Offers interactive educational experiences
• Enables access to STEM skills for students
• Acts as a teaching assistant
• Augments quality of education
• Promotes engaging learning experiences
• Creates a coherent learning environment


• Collects administrative information
• Assists physicians in measuring vitals
• Guides and triages patients in healthcare institutions
• Prepares patients for consultation with physicians
• Records complaints
• Assists and offers companionship to geriatric patients
• Schedules appointments


• Offers hassle-free banking experience
• Integrated applications allow users access to various services
• Assists customers with form-filling
• Provides information about products and services
• Reduces waiting period


• Enhances customer experience
• Offers high customer engagement
• Enables seamless customer interaction
• Drives more sales
• Reduces costs
• Attracts customers
• Answers customer queries
• Guides customers through retail shops
• Ensures hassle-free checkout procedures

Travel and Hospitality

• Acts as an Airport Concierge
• Greets visitors
• Guides tourists through the check-in process
• Helps visitors and tourists navigate through airports and hotels
• Offers flight and hotel booking information
• Shows directions
• Performs sales at duty-free stores

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