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About Us

Established in 2020, PROVEN Robotics is the culmination of years of collective experience, research, and expertise harnessed by a group of highly skilled robotics professionals. Our team of robotics gurus is skilled with an arsenal of robotics qualifications and years of practical applications, from Python, iRobotOS, RobotLAB CMS Software (Base Package), DobotLab, DobotStudio, Repetier Host, GrblController3.6, DobotBlockly (Visual Programing editor) and many more.
We introduce our latest innovation: the STEM Education Model. With this, we aspire to disseminate our knowledge and enthusiasm for robotics to anyone ready and willing to learn and engage. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with us?

What we will cover

We will work with three types of robots

Root Coding robot

Root is an educational robot, which is primarily used for teaching about electronics, programming, and algorithms. Root coding robot is specifically designed with multiple sensors for different types of features, and applications.

Dobot Magician
Robot Arm

DOBOT MAGICIAN is a 4-axis desktop robot. This robot comes under Industrial arm category, and it is been used for a wide range of tasks such as 3D printing, Laser engravement, Drawing, and Joystick controlling.

Humanoid Robot

NAO is a biped humanoid robot which is made by Aldebaran robotics, in France. It is primarily used for STEM education for educators, aspirants, and researchers who want to prosper in the field of robotics

About the Instructor

Thameem Fowzan is a Robotics Technical Lead, in Proven Solutions Company, Riyadh. He holds a bachelors degree in Robotics and Automation engineering, which he acquired in 2015.

He was awarded as  Intel Software Innovator by Intel Corporation for his research and development in Robotics.

He has worked on different categories of robots such as Humanoid, AGV/ AMR, Drones, Service robots, etc… 


Executives Hotel – KAFD, Riyadh, KSA

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