PuduBot. Trackless Delivery

The PuduBot robot can deliver products and dishes, acting as a utility assistant in several industries. Equipped with autonomous navigation software, it can accurately map its surroundings and maneuver through them without any hassle.

Key features

It comes in two versions: the tray version and the enclosed box version, offering clients to choose a model that best fits their business needs. It is a self-driving robot that is incorporated with a range of modern robotics technologies.
VSLAM navigation solution
3D obstacle avoidance technology
Adjustable trays
Each tray can carry a load of up to 13kg
LiDAR sensors enabling 3D environment detection
Up to 1.2 m/s cruise speed
Up to 24 hours of battery life
Comes with a charging dock

Industries and Applications

PuduBot can be deployed in hospitals, manufacturing plants, office spaces, and restaurants.
• Delivers dishes and products
• Reduces labor cost
• Enhances automation in public buildings
• Enables smart catering

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