Puductor. Indoor disinfection

Introduced by Pudu Robotics, Puductor is an indoor disinfection robot designed to sanitize spaces such as offices, hospitals, malls, and homes.

Key features

With a 15L capacity, Puductor can help protect humans from unprecedented health hazards and risks. It is equipped with new-age robotics technologies that enable the robot to offer effective sterilization services.
Integrated with the SLAM navigation solution
15-liter Reservoir Capacity
2L/H Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection
360-degree sterilization
Four mist outputs
UV-C Lamp + Protector
Remote access
Comes with a charging dock

Industries and Applications

The Puductor robot can be used for sterilization purposes in hospitals, schools, cinema halls, vehicles, banks, university campuses, and government institutions.
• Offers 99.99% disinfection rate
• Can disinfect difficult-to-reach corners
• Creates a healthy and safe indoor environment
• Remote access allows users to sanitize indoor spaces without entering
• Achieves sterilization effect of 6-log level

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