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RaaS: Why should your business consider it?

Businesses continue to grow more complex with each passing day. Robots have been leveraged in different verticals of business to stay competitive and provide customers with the service they expect for decades now. However, the RaaS (Robots-as-a-Service) model is now making it easier for business owners to benefit from automation. Each customer has different requirements, and RaaS can come in handy for various reasons.

Robotics providers like Proven Robotics allow enterprises to take advantage of robots’ capabilities while forgoing the upfront expense of often pricey automation enhancements. RaaS is a cloud-based “robotic rental” system that enables users to install robotics without requiring the necessary infrastructure required by more traditional robotics implementations. Users can integrate the capabilities when they need them, upgrade or downgrade systems as requirements change, and install robotics at any time.

This article will venture into some critical benefits of this model that significantly lower the roadblocks toward robotics implementation, facilitating business growth.

Reduce ‘operator’ hiring cost

Robotic automation is not something that can be implemented without employing a highly trained robot operator who knows in and out of the process. The person will oversee integrating automation into the ecosystem of that particular business. However, the demand for such operators is high in the market, and it is often challenging for medium-to-small-sized companies to have them on board. This is where RaaS comes to the rescue. Small to medium-sized businesses seeking to test out robots before committing to long-term utilization will find the RaaS business model highly beneficial.

Lower automation implementation cost

Robotic automation implementation is highly expensive. Not only is hiring someone knowledgeable about this type of automation costly, but this goes beyond that. The installation costs alone could financially cripple a small to medium-sized enterprise. You could be aware of how important it is to put this into action, but you also realize that you cannot do it without spending a lot of money.

The use of Robots as a Service (RaaS) eliminates the necessity for such high upfront expenses. You do not have to put much effort into receiving the service. Making sure you pay for the service each month is the only thing you need to worry about.

Greater confidence regarding automation

While automation may be necessary, some business owners may still find it uncomfortable to let it control many aspects of a business’s operations. Even though they have the option, many decision makers find it challenging to make the changeover because they lack confidence. In addition, it can be an expensive switch, so many factors need to be considered. RaaS is handy since it allows you to build automation without committing to it. You get the chance to experience what it is like to let robotic automation drive, increasing confidence and easing adoption.

Enhanced production scalability

Traditional business models are being challenged with the introduction of cloud automation and robotic automation. Easy-to-program robotic solutions that provide safe, out-of-the-box operations allow manufacturers with a limited staff to meet short-term or long-term needs (such as a seasonal business).

By implementing automation, you may free up your staff’s time, which will allow for far more growth and scalability. A developing company needs to adapt rapidly; thus, automation’s ability to adjust its operations whenever necessary is crucial.

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Easier to maintain

A business initially requires someone with knowledge in robotic automation, but that requirement is ongoing. Maintenance is an essential part of the process. Robotic automation occasionally needs some attention and supervision. You need someone on staff to accomplish this properly, which brings up the point that investing money in something like this is necessary.

RaaS may need monitoring and upkeep, but you do not need someone in-house, which is an added advantage. RaaS providers like Proven Robotics that offer robotic automation as a service will still cooperate with you if you use their services. They will keep performing maintenance and ensure your automation system is operating at peak efficiency. They will be able to achieve this remotely. If necessary, system programming and troubleshooting will be part of the monitoring.

Businesses should consider RaaS for their needs for all these reasons above and more. The rapidly developing landscape of RaaS is bringing robotic automation to organizations of every scale and industry for a variety of reasons, including trying before you buy, forgoing capital expenditure, and many others. Decision makers interested in learning more about highly flexible, capable, and affordable robotic automation should contact a knowledgeable robot supplier, like Proven Robotics, or an integrator.

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