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Robotics in Business – The Key to Elevation

Entrepreneurship, over the years, has become the key to economic development and revenue generation globally. From creating jobs to tapping into potential gaps, entrepreneurs are making the art of business a sought-after skill. While businesses are thriving in the digital world, the key to creating an effective business model is still a mystery to some. A breakthrough in advancing operations to a point where both the organization and the employees are winning is the inclusion of robotics technology in the business mix.

The role of robotics technologies in the business landscape is widespread and continually on the rise to becoming pivotal. Organizations are leaning towards integrating robotics technologies to add the “X” factor to their businesses, helping them drive revenue, business growth, employee productivity and employee efficiency.

This blog will walk you through how robotics in business has indeed become the “it” strategy for elevating not just operations but the overall company health. Read on to know more.

Impact of robotics on business

A report by Mckinsey revealed that 88% of businesses worldwide intend to adopt robotics technologies as a part of their infrastructure in the near future. This statistic is a true testament to what new-age technology can bring to the table.

The first appearance of robots in business was seen in the industrial sector, where industrial robots were roped in to do the grunt work (read labor-intensive). However, as technology became more advanced and the scope for automation widened, robots saw an opening in other aspects of business too. While they are still widely used in industrial environments such as warehouses, manufacturing industries, and the likes, institutions such as schools, offices, restaurants, and hospitals are also welcoming them into the workforce.

Especially with the impact of COVID-19, several industries are inclined to add automated machines into the workforce – to increase productivity, maintain safety precautions, and optimally deploy their human personnel.

Why is robotics important for business?

A few examples where robotic machines became the solution to gaps brought into businesses by COVID -19 –

  • Disinfection: The need for sterilized environments became imperative when the world was hit with COVID-19. Puductor, an indoor disinfection robot, seamlessly solved the sanitation and hygiene issues brought about by the pandemic. With a disinfection rate of 99.99%, Puductor became the ideal choice for sterilizing office spaces, schools, universities, malls, hospitals, and other closed areas, making it easier for businesses to open up without incurring high losses.#nbsp;
  • Education: Remote learning, as we know it today, has transformed by miles. Robots in education, such as NAO and Pepper, have come to the forefront to enable remote access to world-class learning from the comfort of your home. This meant students no longer had to choose convenience over quality – the two now walked hand-in-hand.#nbsp;
  • Remote collaboration: Remote working further emphasized the need for remote collaboration in the digital age. As more and more businesses shifted to virtual working environments, the demand for robotic machines to enable a comfortable transition became paramount. The Double 3 robot shortened this bridge, allowing employees to collaborate irrespective of their geographical pin.#nbsp;
  • Contactless delivery: The hospitality industry was adversely affected by, though unprecedented, the incoming virus. Robots like Bellabot and Pudubot solved this problem effectively. Contactless delivery in restaurants and hotels made it possible for them to cope with staff shortages and ensure adherence to safety regulations.

The amalgamation of robotics technologies with business operations has wide-opened the floor to essential developments in the current landscape. At a time when most businesses were battling obstacles such as lower productivity, attrition, stagnant revenue, and a limited customer base, robots have helped turn around the narrative. Furthermore, technologies such as PRoMS are upgrading the functioning of robots and subsequently acting as the key to elevating businesses.

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