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Robots are expanding in customer service. Why?

Value creation is a continuous process in any business. The importance of designing new experiences and improving existing functions is more pertinent to client-facing sectors. Business strategies often revolve around the “Customer is King” concept. To ensure that businesses retain old patrons and enroll new ones, advances should be made on strategic and technological fronts. The introduction of robots into customer service is changing the dynamics of brand-client relations and opening up fresh avenues for generating revenue. In fact, the robot-human relationship has evolved immensely to give way to groundbreaking technologies and sales techniques.

Robots of Yesterday and Today

The initiation of robotics technology in customer service probably started when automated digital call recordings and voice messages were introduced to the old, robust telephone system. What seemed like a technological miracle then has now become a mere starting point to the robotics revolution. Today, the variation of robotics in client-facing verticals is creating ripples that will be felt across industries for years to come.

The top three priorities for businesses often include quality products, profit generation, and enhanced client satisfaction. The trick is to know that all three of these factors are interdependent. While it is impossible to achieve customer satisfaction without high-quality products, client interaction plays a critical role too.

The robots of yesterday were designed to substitute human interaction. However, evolution led to the realization that robot-based customer interaction does not need to be devoid of humans. Instead, it should advance levels of human intelligence by combining it with intelligent technologies. So, how have organizations turned the game by including robots in customer service? Take a look!

Robots in Customer Service: Today and Tomorrow

The primary reason behind integrating autonomous, automated technologies in customer service verticals is the USP of being available for clients 24×7. Client-facing roles and departments were largely dependent on human intervention until recently, and it caused several challenges in logistics, practicality, and revenue. Adding robotics technology as a limb to this business vertical can help streamline processes and bring uniformity in the quality of service offered.

  • Time and Money: Time and money are the most significant motivating factors, not just for businesses but also for clients. Having a robot take over a client-facing role ensures that quick solutions can be delivered. This, in turn, results in lesser call-handling time, more satisfied clients, and better revenue potential.
  • Versatility is key: Another advantage of this integration is the array of tasks that a single robot can be designed to perform. Not only can they attend calls, but they extract and verify data, guide customers through physical stores, take care of billing, and much more. Instead of having human intervention at every step of the process, firms now deploy robots with human-cum-computer intelligence.
  • Efficacy: The only way to do a job is the right way, and robots are designed to do that. The alliance of robotics and customer-facing roles ensures that tasks are performed effectively and concisely. Processes can now be conducted without causing errors which often translates to lesser risks and losses.
  • Data and Market Analysis: The ability of robots to retrieve data, collate it into meaningful information, and produce critical insights makes them perfect in this business vertical. In order to deliver high-quality service and products, it is essential to gain an almost perfect understanding of your user and client base.

The future of robotics technologies in customer service is set for a newfound experience and expansion. The perfect example of robotics in client-facing roles can be seen in the hospitality package offered by Proven Robotics in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. The robots Pepper, Temi, Double 3, and Pudubot will be provided to restaurants and hotels as part of our “Contactless Hospitality Package,” helping the hospitality sector revamp operations despite a roadblock (read pandemic). Restaurants and hotel chains will now be able to buy or rent robots integrated with our robotics solutions on a month-to-month basis. With the help of this hospitality package, Proven Robotics aims to advance the impression of advanced technologies in customer-facing sectors while allowing human efforts to be directed towards more time and cost-sensitive operations.

The age-old question has always been whether robots can replace humans. Proven Robotics is here to ensure and exhibit that the key to unlocking the potential of robots is by integrating them both into one business model.

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