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We are human Not robotics!

Bringing unique experiences

Robotics can emulate life, make redundant tasks a thing of the past and reinvent the future; Proven Robotics helps make all of this a reality.
Our team at Proven Robotics works to design custom-made solutions for our clients. We understand the importance of bringing unique experiences to our clients; hence, all our solutions are created from scratch, tailored to clients’ briefs. 

Our Solutions

Service Delivery Robots

BellaBot, with its large, strong storage area, provides superior contactless delivery in hospitals, schools, or hotels. It’s effortlessly programmable for deliveries like food or medication, with a charming cat-like appearance. Meanwhile, the smaller KettyBot efficiently transports food trays, facilitating multi-robot cooperation within the network. Both robots revolutionize service delivery, combining functionality and customer engagement.


See how KettyBot works.
See how BellaBot works.

Meet & Greet

Using PRoMS, robots like Pepper and temi transform hospitality, expertly handling administrative duties like bookings. They provide seamless navigation for guests, assist with inquiries, and streamline service, eliminating long queues. Their efficient collection and processing of guest details enhance the overall customer experience, fostering loyalty.


See how Pepper works.

PROVEN Robotics Management System


PRoMS (PROVEN Robotics Management System), a platform for robot software development, caters to your business needs with a range of critical features intended to assure robot optimization, usability, and higher function efficiency. PRoMS allows organizations to create applications for their robots by harnessing the robots’ key and unique features.

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