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The Future of Event: Incorporating Robots for a Next-Level Experience in Customer-centric Roles

Organizing a successful event requires fulfilling various aspects to ensure a seamless experience for participants. One of the growing trends in conducting a memorable event is the integration of robots into multiple aspects of event planning and execution. From customer service and attendee engagement to event logistics and security, robots are being used to enhance event attendees’ overall experience and improve event organizers’ efficiency. These robots can take on various roles, such as greeting and directing attendees, serving food and drinks, providing entertainment, and even conducting surveys and collecting feedback. Robots are quickly becoming a popular addition to the events industry with their advanced capabilities and unique features.

Uses for robots in the public and hospitality sector

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and it is no secret that technology has played a significant role in enhancing the guest experience. From mobile check-ins to smart room controls, hotels are always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve their services. And now, the emerging addition to the tech arsenal of the hospitality industry is robots! Yes, you read that right. Robots are slowly but surely making their way into hotels and are here to revolutionize how we think about hospitality. One of the key drivers of robots’ emergence in the industry is the role of automation and self-service that enhances customer experience has become increasingly significant. Incorporating robots into the process can result in faster service, cost-effectiveness, and even improved accuracy. With their advanced capabilities and quirky personalities, these machines are set to take the guest experience to the next level.

Similarly, as technology continues to advance, robots are increasingly being used in customer-centric roles in the public sector to improve service delivery and enhance experiences for citizens and residents. Many government sectors have already automated routine tasks and processes through chatbots, virtual assistants, and robotic process automation, providing quick and easy access to information and services and assisting people in navigating government websites and applications. This not only saves time and resources for the public sector but also improves the overall customer experience for citizens.

PROVEN Robotics took over events with our humanoid robot Pepper, serving two renowned clients 

Recently, PROVEN Robotics successfully implemented Pepper robots for two of our prestigious clients in the Kingdom during events and has demonstrated successful use cases for the technology. This article will highlight the scope of the projects and how we delivered those which have gained much traction. So, buckle up, and get ready to meet the newest members of the event team – the robots!

Use Case 1: PROVEN Robotics and the leading trade solutions provider

One of the leading trade solutions providers in Saudi Arabia wanted to rent our social humanoid robot, Pepper, for their annual ceremony, which included both Peper robot Software and Hardware installation.

The scope of the project

A range of activities is included in the projects, including:

  • New joiners’ announcement on stage: Our team was tasked with making Pepper the star of the show by configuring the announcement for new joiners. Pepper will greet them by name as they take the stage while their faces grace the big screen. And just in case the audience has any burning questions about the newbies, our team will ensure that Pepper’s facial recognition skills are top-notch so he can provide all the details about them without fail.
  • ChatGPT Integration with Pepper: PROVEN Robotics is the pioneer robotic solutions provider that used ChatGPT to maximize Pepper’s conversational capabilities. Our team had to ensure that during the event, Pepper was capable of responding to several questions with clarity and skillful engagement when posed by attendees.
  •  Answering the FAQs: PROVEN Robotics expertly configured Pepper and equipped it with carefully selected questions and answers, resulting in a truly exceptional and memorable experience of interacting with the robot at the annual ceremony.

The outcome of the event

On the day of the event, i.e., 9th February of this year, the PROVEN Robotics team of engineers ensured that the installation of Pepper was on point to function correctly. Pepper proved to be a true star of the show at the events where it was featured. With its swift and engaging responses to attendee questions, Pepper left a lasting impression on all who interacted with it. Moreover, announcing new joiners on stage was an exciting and innovative addition that left attendees in awe of Pepper’s capabilities. Overall, it was a successful and unforgettable experience that left a positive impact on all who witnessed it.

Use Case 2: PROVEN Robotics and a prestigious hotel in the Kingdom

Our robot pepper participated in a renowned five-star hotel to promote one of its loyalty programs that give visitors a chance to earn points by staying at their hotels anywhere in the world or transferring points.

Pepper humanoid robot’s scope of work

Pepper was primarily hired to enroll visitors for the hotel’s loyalty program in the 2-night event in two prominent locations, i.e., Riyadh and Jeddah. This would involve identifying visitors, welcoming them to the venues, and convincing them to register.

The outcome of the event

Pepper has been assigned the primary responsibility of enrolling visitors for the 2-night event. As part of this responsibility, the robot was stationed at the entrance gate, where it greeted visitors and introduced itself. It also highlighted the various benefits and offers associated with enrolling in the program to visitors. To create a welcoming environment, Pepper waved at visitors every few minutes.

To encourage visitors to enroll in the program, we programmed Pepper to display a specific message and QR code that could be scanned to redirect visitors to the registration link. We also tracked the number of visitors who interacted with the screen and registered for the event.

Toward the end of the event, Pepper delivered a final speech to explain the program in more detail to the attendees. By executing these tasks, Pepper was crucial in facilitating a successful enrollment process and engaging with visitors to create an everlasting experience for all.

You can buy a Pepper robot or rent it from PROVEN Robotics for any event or program to spice it up. Visit our robot lab in Riyadh and experience it in person before making the final decision.

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