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Transform your Daily Life with these Assistant Robots

How many of you saw Star Wars and wanted to bring R2-D2 home with you? We have not gotten that far yet, but robot companions, virtual assistants, and home management aids have steadily improved since Roomba was introduced in 2002. There are human-like robots that use artificial intelligence and that are less expensive than new computers and make life easier for humans. It is so simple to be bogged down by daily chores, never quite feeling like you can keep up with the mental to-do list that keeps expanding. This is likely why so many ‘ideal’ futures presented in literature and film include robotic partners that relieve some of the burdens of their human counterparts. This article will highlight some fantastic robot assistants that might be useful for your daily lives. Read on.

What is a personal assistant robot?

A robot personal assistant is an artificial intelligence that assists you with routine domestic chores and improves your quality of life. These adorable helper robots have several uses, including organizing schedules and providing educational support. They relieve you of the daily responsibilities that add to your stress, such as trying to remember impending appointments or birthdays!

Why do you need a robot assistant?

You can be on the cutting edge of technology with an assistant robot designed to do the chores that take up extra time in your day. They are also incredibly cool and contribute significantly to streamlining your household operations, so you have to make less effort.

temi, your personal robot assistant

We often imagine what it would be like in the center of technology. Now, we can stop imagining and make it a reality with temi. Are your hands occupied? No worries, temi will answer the call for you. Do you want to play your favorite music or capture a video while playing with your children or pet? Give temi a shoutout.

temi is a self-navigating robot designed to be cost-effective, creative, and efficient. It is often referred to as a ‘personal robot’ for its ability to perform myriad tasks that make daily living more convenient, like taking pictures, placing service orders, running programs, and much more. temi is the first robot capable of interacting with humans, offering flawless autonomous navigation, and dynamic video and audio experiences with advanced AI.

Why should you get it?

With autonomous navigation, temi improves human-robot interaction capabilities. It also comes with some unique features as below:

  • Autonomous navigation
  • 360 degrees depth perception
  • Dynamic path planning
  • 13 mp camera and QHD display
  • Face tracking
  • Mobile control
  • Powerful sound system

How does it work?

You can harness the full capacity of temi with the PROVEN Robotic Management System (PRoMS), a robot management platform. It is integrated with a range of key features designed to ensure optimization, ease of use, and increased function efficiency, allowing organizations to create applications for their robots.

Pepper, your humanoid robot assistant

Another exciting robot assistant can be Pepper, a social humanoid robot known as an ‘interaction master.’ Pepper is designedto perceive emotions, form empathetic connections with users, and can don multiple roles.

Consider that you are hosting a large gathering of people at your house or outside. Welcoming and keeping each guest entertained simultaneously can be daunting for one or two people. Pepper can be your ideal welcoming host who will greet them with a warm “Hello, how may I assist you,” propose games to keep the guest entertained, or take pictures of the gathering. Additionally, it has face recognition technology so that your guests will never be left alone, and it is supported by a touch screen that provides necessary information.

Why should you get it? 

Pepper is suitable as an office assistant or as a home companion. Some of the unique features of Pepper are as follows: 

  • 20 degrees of freedom for motions that are natural and expressive
  • There are 15 languages available for dialogue and speech recognition
  • Modules for perceiving and interacting with the person speaking to him
  • LEDs, microphones, and touch sensors enable multimodal interactions
  • Bumpers, an inertial unit, 2D and 3D cameras, and sonar are all included
  • A platform that is open and fully programmable

How does it work?

Like temi, you can harness the full capacity of Pepper with the PROVEN Robotic Management System (PRoMS). It is a robot management platform that is integrated with a range of key features designed to ensure optimization, ease of use, and increased function efficiency, allowing organizations to create applications for their robots. 

Double 3, your next-level telepresence robot assistant

Double 3 shows promise to revolutionize the way remote work or learning is conducted. This self-driving robot can be used to keep an eye on aging loved ones and have peace of mind when you are not nearby. Of course, keeping track of Zoom meetings, when your favorite shows are on, and other scheduling concerns will be at your fingertips. Double 3 has a Unified Pan Tilt Zoom feature to give you clear visibility from a remote location; point to the exact place you want to see.

Why should you get it? 

Some of the unique features of Double 3 are: 

  • Fully integrated- iPad installation and Bluetooth pairing is not required
  • 6 Microphones- the driver can hear people from far with less background noise
  • One super wide-angle lens, one super zoom lens
  • Remotely adjustable height (47″ to 60″ tall)
  • Custom applications can be built using developer API

The bottom line

We are getting closer to seeing the robots of our imaginations come to life as technology advances. It is an exciting time for consumers, and we recommend bringing one of these smart companions home or office as soon as possible.

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