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What can PRoMS do for your robots?

In a world where robotics technologies are taking over several aspects of the business landscape, companies must have the right tools to leverage robotic machines to their advantage. To ensure robots are a blessing instead of a bane, a system that can optimize the use of robots is paramount.

Proven Robotics rattled the robotics cage by bringing forward a premium technology to transform how robots work. Called PRoMS or Proven Robot Management System, this software solution is built to offer our clients and users ease of convenience and a world of features. PRoMS allows users to develop applications for their robots by utilizing each robot’s key and unique capabilities. This blog will navigate the features of the PRoMS software that can help you realize the full potential of your robots. Read on!

Key components of PRoMS

  • Robots Management: The robot management feature of PRoMS allows users to activate the robots with just a few clicks. Furthermore, they can view the robots that are currently active or in operation. Clients can also easily manage robot applications available on the PRoMS software platform.
  • Applications Management: Using our PRoMS software, businesses can develop their own applications according to their business needs without any coding experience. Additionally, the applications can be deployed onto one or more robots simultaneously. The PRoMS application can contain an unlimited number of screens which further be linked to unique robot capabilities and conversations.
  • Screens Management: Integrated with our PRoMS application, a Screen Editor allows stakeholders to personalize what appears on the screen for users to see. Clients can also drag and drop predefined elements as per their requirements. Furthermore, the screen management system can also be used to configure screen actions, which allows them to initiate gestures, navigation, and voice-over. It offers extensive design capabilities, and the designs selected on the Screen Editor can be immediately seen on display.
  • Conversation Creation: This PRoMS feature enables clients to design a set of entire conversations between users and the robots by predefining a set of phrases, questions, and answers. This allows them to decide how the robot would interact with customers and users. From the Home Screen, they can start interacting with the robot using the voice command; the robot mimics human-like conversations and seamlessly navigates between topics.

How can PRoMS help our clients?

With the help of PRoMS, clients can get increased control of how robots interact and function within their business. Some of the features that make PRoMS a vital tool in robot management are:

  • A no-code platform: The platform, which is easy to use and offers uncomplicated editing, comes with pre-installed software. Users can build applications and showcase varied robot capabilities by using visual blocks without any technical background. Offering the user a platform that allows easy, uncomplicated editing or creating through a high-end visual editor with a drag-and-drop design system. The system comes with pre-installed software, allowing users with no technical background to build applications using visual blocks to show the robot’s capabilities, such as customer service or sales.
  • Easy activation: Clients can see their robots in action right after purchasing our PRoMS software. A key example is the deployment of the Pepper robot, integrated with PRoMS, for Capital Bank Jordan. The partnership between Proven Solution and the esteemed bank in Jordan allowed for large-scale digital expansion of their banking services in the country.
  • Fully customizable: This software allows users, even those with no coding background, to create a fully customizable application based on business needs. This includes logos, business and robot features, and customer interaction options.#nbsp;#nbsp;
  • Easy application distribution: The platform also enables instant deployment of applications onto one or more robots. In addition, the apps can be updated on the go.

If you want to experience the full potential of what PRoMS-integrated robots can do for your business, then book a demo with us now!

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