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Our robotic solutions can revitalize the corporate sector in a variety of ways


Checkmate your competition by hiring our robot solutions in customer-centric roles, managing visitors, displaying products, advertising, or collecting feedback.

Education and Research

Lead with example in the education sector with robots. Premier tool for assisting teachers, encouraging personalized learning, STEM education- best companion for children with ASD.

Travel and Hospitality

Enhance guest satisfaction with our state-of-the-art solutions and visitor management app, offering top-notch services such as smart check-in/check-out, robot concierge, receptionist, and information guide.


Elevate the healthcare standard in KSA by hiring our solutions in 24/7 appointment booking, connecting remote patients with doctors, assisting in elderly care, and providing an information guide to visitors.

Robots we work with

PROVEN Robotics is bundled with the most competitive robots in the market that have changed the operational landscape, making tasks less redundant and more efficient. We also offer RaaS or Robots-as-a-Service, allowing you to lease our robots for a long or short period.

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Our Partners

We partner with the industry leaders in robotics, globally

PROVEN Robotics Management System


PRoMS (PROVEN Robotics Management System), a platform for robot software development, caters to your business needs with a range of critical features intended to assure robot optimization, usability, and higher function efficiency. PRoMS allows organizations to create applications for their robots by harnessing the robots’ key and unique features without any code.

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