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Ideally suited for events and exhibitions, robot Mini excels in creating engaging and interactive experiences. Its compact design and versatile features make it an ideal addition to smart guiding, enhancing attendee interactions, providing information, and contributing to a memorable and enjoyable event experience

How Mini Helps You?

Compact in size, big on impact – that’s the essence of Mini. It excels in diverse tasks like customer greetings, smart navigation, guiding, intelligent Q&A, and dynamic marketing. Its customizable Robot OS system seamlessly integrates with various customer systems, adapting quickly to different scenarios. Successfully deployed in over 20 industries, this versatile robot enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and elevates the smart experience.   

30+            Language Support
14 Inch     HD Display Screen
55cm         Minimum Mobile Chassis & Combination of LiDAR    


OrionStar Mini Specifications

Size: 1000x410x410mm 
Net Weight: 21kg
Screen Size: 14 inches 
Screen Resolution: 1920px*1080px
Microphone: 6-Mic Ring Array 
Network: Wi-Fi: 2.4 G/ 5 G, 4 G 
Operation System: Based on Android 9 
Battery Life: 10 ~ 12 hrs. (according to actual working conditions)
Charging Pole Size: 204x221x251 mm 
Package Dimensions: 1100x520x520 mm 
IP Rating: IP23 

Robot Mini Applications

Tailored for Events/Exhibitions

Tailored for Events/Exhibitions

Perfectly suited for events and exhibitions, Mini excels in creating engaging and interactive experiences. Its compact design and versatile features make it an ideal addition to various event scenarios, such as welcoming guests, guiding them through exhibits, providing information, and contributing to a memorable and enjoyable event experience.

Ideal for Reception Service

Ideal for Reception Service

Visitor Reception with proactive greetings- The robot detects and welcomes customers, guiding them to their destinations with self-navigation.

Your Smart Tour Guide

Your Smart Tour Guide

The robot exhibits intelligent guiding capabilities, employing advanced algorithms to navigate and avoid obstacles effectively.

Best As Marketing Assistant

Best As Marketing Assistant

Mini actively detects and welcomes customers, ensuring no one is ignored. It executes selling gift cards, introducing dishes, and distributing coupons. Moreover, it proactively suggests specialties to customers during their wait.

Your Intelligent Q&A Companion

Your Intelligent Q&A Companion

Support 30+ languages, its powerful AI voice covers 5 mtrs with accurate pickup and a clear, sweet tone. The innovative ChatMAX platform combines ChatGPT with scenario-based data for intelligent, personalized Chatbot services.

See OrionStar in action

Powerful Interactive Capabilities

Tailored voice and visual capabilities ensure a top-notch interactive experience. OrionStar Mini detects people’s presence and initiates greetings and interactions proactively.  

Flexible Passability

With a compact channel chassis diameter of 55cm, robot Mini ensures flexible operation in confined spaces.  

Multi-Robot Coordination

Intelligent priority numbering ensures collision avoidance without human intervention when multiple Mini cross paths.  

One 'Mini' but 'Many' Capabilities

Enhanced Display Brilliance

With its 14-inch screen, the OrionStar Mini displays more information at once. The ultra-high-definition resolution enhances clarity and visual appeal.  

First Robot Powered by Top-Performing Chip

The first robot was developed on the Qualcomm platform, leveraging the potent Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SOC chip—renowned for its industry-leading performance in Android devices.  

Clear Conversations Avoiding Noise

The 6-MIC array boasts 94% speech recognition accuracy in noisy 75dB environments. It features 30W superpower and 5 independent sound modules, delivering a home theater-like experience.   

Broad View, No Blind Spots, Exceptional Night Vision

48 million pixels allows precise face-to-face interaction with flexible head rotation and clearest view. Its light input surpasses average cameras by 400%, and its night vision is awe-inspiring.   

Self-Charging Capabilities

Robot Mini ensures no concerns if the power drops below 10%, automatically returning to the charger. It achieves fast charging in under 4.5 hours 

Mini + PRoMS = Boost the Efficiency of the Robot

Unleash the power of Mini with PRoMS (PROVEN Robotics Management System). PRoMS enables you to create robot content from scratch with a few clicks effortlessly. This no-code platform offers both readymade apps and development of custom applications using intuitive templates. PRoMS + Mini enhances functional efficiency, ensuring optimized robot performance and user-friendly operation.   

Why choose Mini?

Diversified Promotional Touch

OrionStar Mini can display ads when customers approach it. Its powerful voice interaction function and rotatable body ensure a face-to-face conversation with lasting impressions.

Open Development Platform

Robot Mini has an open development platform that supports deep customization and third-party systems, allowing customers to tailor it for diverse roles and responsibilities.

Robust Navigation and Smart Guiding

This tiny robot is perfect for navigating in confined places. Mini quickly leads customers to their target destination with voice commands.

Industries OrionStar Mini Serves

Mini in Restaurants

Smartly optimizing the entire restaurant process enhances efficiency, ensuring an outstanding dining experience for guests. Mini can be used for:   

  • Greeting customers upon arrival   
  • Guiding Customers to their tables  
  • Self-ordering and payment service   
  • Grabbing clients’ attention with dynamic promotions  

Mini in Nursing Homes

The AI robot solution ensures the safety of residents in nursing homes by providing support for functions like guiding, health monitoring, acting as a family doctor, and fall detection.   

  • Greeting and welcoming guests at the reception   
  • Guide patients and visitors to the exact location  
  • Connect with doctors 24*7 for video consultations  
  • Provide timely reminders and ensure safety for the elderly  

Mini in Hotel

Robot Mini, featuring cutting-edge indoor navigation technology and a stylish design, is the ideal choice for hotels prioritizing customer satisfaction. Mini can perform tasks like:

  • A lobby assistant, greeting and guiding customers  
  • A dedicated tour guide for reaching their designated suites  
  • A vigilant patroller actively seeks customers in need, ready to assist  

Mini in Corporate/Office

The AI robot solution supports visitor reception, registers visitor information, guides them to specified locations, and facilitates remote video conferencing from anywhere.

  • Proactively greet visitors and initiate a conversation   
  • Assist them in finding meeting rooms and guide them  
  • Provide unmatched video-conferencing capabilities during meetings  


Mini in Schools/Colleges

Navigating diverse environments and providing customizable broadcasts in multiple languages, Mini’s outstanding service positions it as ideal for campuses seeking reliable and efficient assistance 

  • Welcome students, professors, and visitors and guide them to their rooms  
  • Freely roam through various passages without a location marker  
  • Mitigate language barriers for all parties by ensuring support in 30+ languages   

Mini in Shopping Mall

The AI robot solution enhances brand exposure and boosts sales through intelligent promotion, advertising playback, store recommendations, and location guidance.  

  • Mini triggers proactive brand promotion after recognizing faces  
  • AI broadcasts ads to attract customer flow  
  • Assist customers in finding stores/shops  

Mini can also be used in various scenarios

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