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Buy the best robots in Saudi Arabia and leverage the robotics for various industrial purposes ranging from healthcare, marketing & events, travel & hospitality, retail & malls, corporate, oil & gas, education, and food industry- all with a flexible payment plan.

The Benefits of Buying Robots in Your Industry

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

Service robots can enhance the customer experience by providing efficient and personalized assistance. Whether it's guiding customers in retail stores, offering concierge services in hotels, or providing information in public spaces, robots can interact with customers in a friendly and helpful manner.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Increased Operational Efficiency

Service robots can streamline repetitive organizational tasks, improving operational efficiency. From serving food in a restaurant to answering general questions, robots can help organizations in Saudi Arabia optimize their workflows and allocate human resources more effectively.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Long-Term Cost Savings

Investing in service robots can save long-term organization costs. Organizations can reduce payroll expenses, minimize errors, and lower operational costs by automating tasks that would otherwise require human labor.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Service robots can contribute to creating safer work environments by handling tasks that pose safety risks to humans. For instance, they can be programmed to detect maskless faces and ask them to wear masks. Organizations can improve workplace safety and compliance with regulatory standards by reducing the need for human intervention in potentially risky situations.

Market Differentiation

Market Differentiation

Adopting service robots can set you apart from competitors and position you as a leader. Organizations can attract customers, partners, and talent by leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver unique and efficient services. Moreover, embracing service robots demonstrates a forward-thinking approach and a commitment to embracing digital transformation in a technology-driven world.

We Provide Robotics Solutions You Can Trust

As an established industry leader, the PROVEN Robotics robot store has been a trusted source of robotics products for over a decade. With a diverse and extensive selection of robot models catering to various interests, we offer the best products to meet our customers’ needs. Our store reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With a proven track record of delivering excellence, customers can trust us as their go-to destination for their comprehensive robotics needs. 

Our Robotics Catalogue

Choose from the best robot models available on the market. At PROVEN Robotics, the leading robotic solutions provider in Saudi Arabia, we offer a diverse range of robots within our portfolio, all at budget-friendly rates for your industrial needs. Our robots are known for their exceptional reliability and efficiency, thanks to the diligent maintenance performed by our team of skilled robotics engineers. Plus, our extensive list of esteemed clients places their trust in us.         



Mostly hired as a receptionist, information guide, concierge, and host for a myriad of marketing activities


OrionStar Mini

Mini contributes significantly to creating memorable and enjoyable event experiences. Its interactive capabilities and the ability to provide information make Mini a valuable addition to events.



Widely accepted as an educational tool for children with special needs or general classroom use



Well-received as a compact, budget-friendly, and user-friendly robotic arm crafted for students seeking self-study or independent practice, particularly in STEM lessons



Mostly hired as a marketing assistant, showcasing short videos about the event or playing curated playlists of music



Your competitors are hiring this robot in the hospitality industry to deliver delectable food items or water to guests with a personal touch


Double 3

Popular for its teleconferencing capability to facilitate remote communication in healthcare, real estate, and more

Why Choose Us?

Full Cycle Solution Provider

We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of robotic systems. Our expertise encompasses distributing cutting-edge robot technology, developing in-house software tailored to specific needs, and providing diligent after-sales maintenance and support.

In-House Built Robot Management Platform

Our internally developed Robotic Platform Management System (PRoMS) can optimize efficiency and enhance customer experience, ultimately driving down costs associated with deploying robotic applications.

Lauded by Satisfied Clients

We have delivered many successful projects and received appreciation from our clientele. Their commendations testify to our commitment to providing exceptional solutions and exceeding expectations. We take pride in building enduring partnerships based on trust, quality, and client satisfaction.

Decade-Long Presence in GCC

We have a team of experts who understand the intricacies of doing business in the GCC region with our decade-long presence in the market.

One-Of-A-Kind Robot Lab

We’re the trailblazers, setting up our unique robot lab right in Riyadh. It’s your chance to dive hands-on into our services and solutions and interact with our smart robots.

What Organizations Can Benefit from Our Robots?


Reduce waiting times and enhance your healthcare services with administrative assistant hospital robots- Excel in appointment scheduling, connecting with remote patients, aiding in elderly care, and serving as information guides.

Marketing & Events

Bid farewell to dull events and welcome the latest trend - Robot Marketing Representatives! Our diverse range of robots is perfect for welcoming visitors, responding to inquiries, showcasing new advertisements, serving food, guiding guests to their tables, and much more.

Travel & Hospitality

Employ our robotic solutions for the hospitality sector, where they can serve as receptionists, facilitate intelligent check-ins and check-outs, accompany guests to their rooms, and act as a round-the-clock information guide.

Retail & Malls

Introduce your tenants to an exceptional method for boosting their sales using our retail robots. Experience premium engagement in malls, effortless navigation, a convenient store locator and guide, impactful display ads, and dynamic mall activations


Capture attention in executive offices with your robotic assistant designed for office or banking environments. Effortlessly handle phone calls or meetings and address banking inquiries.

Oil & Gas

Elevate your customers' journey by hiring robots at the reception desk in oil and gas. Easily manage appointment check-in details, share insights into your company's history, projects, or clientele, and access contact information—all at your fingertips.


Facilitate inclusive learning through concrete examples and enhance student engagement by presenting a distinctive curriculum alongside state-of-the-art STEM labs featuring our best educational robots in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Food Industry

Enhance the dining experience with a touch of futuristic sophistication while drastically reducing waiting times by assisting staff with safe delivery during peak hours using cutting-edge food service robots in Saudi Arabia.

Our Buying Robots Process
from Start to Finish

In-Person Meeting/Arrange a Call

Our sales team and tech experts will arrange a direct in-person or virtual meeting to understand your vision and the pain points before suggesting a robot.

Request On-Spot Trials

You can ask for trials of the robots you're interested in for your industry to get hands-on experience or assess whether they meet your requirements.

Negotiate Terms and Agreements

We'll discuss the terms of the purchase agreement once you've selected a robot. This should include delivery timelines, warranty details, and additional maintenance or monitoring services.

Arrange Installation and Training

We'll coordinate with you to schedule the robot installation in your facility. We can also arrange proper training in operating and maintaining the robot.

Implement and Monitor (Add-Ons)

Once we integrate the robot into your operations, you can also ask us to monitor its performance and gather feedback from staff and guests to make necessary adjustments.


Robots can offer numerous benefits for businesses, including increased efficiency, cost savings, improved quality, enhanced safety, and a competitive edge in the market. 

Robots streamline operations, boosting efficiency and productivity for businesses. However, their implementation requires careful consideration of costs and potential impacts on the workforce. 



PROVEN Robotics offers flexible installment plans. The cost of a robot depends on the robot model. You can talk to our team for more information about the robot model you're interested in. 

The future of robots holds promise in various fields, from advanced automation in industries to personalized assistance in homes. With advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics, they're expected to become increasingly integrated into everyday life, revolutionizing how we work, live, and interact with technology. 




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