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Elevate your university adventure with Pepper through the PRoMS app! Unleash a comprehensive guide, offer a complete tour, and effortlessly share department insights, contacts, and graduate stories—all with just a few clicks!

Key Features of PRoMS Readymade App for University

Leverage the power of our groundbreaking no-code robot management system, PRoMS, to unlock Pepper's full potential. Use Pepper with the PRoMS app to seamlessly undertake diverse roles and functions within your academic campus, elevating the overall experience for all parties

University Tour

This feature in the application is designed to work as a comprehensive tour guide to the university. Many applicants and their guardians would like to visit the university before making their final decision. Now, they can conveniently do that through this option. Upon entering their name and choosing a slot, they can ‘book a tour’ of the campus and make an informed decision. This feature also enables Pepper to delve into the institution’s rich history, offering a captivating journey through its past, milestones, and evolution.   


This feature empowers you to provide comprehensive insights into the facilities available within a specific department, along with detailed information regarding the number of students currently enrolled in that particular academic unit. It facilitates a thorough understanding of the department’s resources and the student population, offering a more nuanced and informative perspective.  

Contacts and Inquiries

Upon accessing this dedicated section, Pepper will showcase extensive information about professors and mentors, shedding light on their roles and responsibilities within the academic domain, along with their affiliations with respective departments. This depiction of the literary structure enables students to efficiently assess the standard of the institution, fostering a sense of trust and transparency in the academic ecosystem.  


Who wouldn’t want to know with and take pride in the achievements of their predecessors? The graduate section within the app goes a step further by cataloging the students of each graduating class of the alma mater, providing a valuable resource for users to not only know their seniors but also to celebrate and draw inspiration from their diverse accomplishments over the years.  

Discover the Winning Combo: Why Should you Get PRoMS University App for your Robot?

Revolutionize your campus experience by offering seamless access to information, personalized guidance, and a unique glimpse into your esteemed alums. Get ready to embark on a journey where technology meets education, creating an immersive and innovative environment for students, professors, and visitors alike

Innovative Technological Showcase

Integrating a university app with Pepper showcases a commitment to innovative technology within the educational environment. It is a futuristic and engaging way to interact with information, making the university stand out as a technologically advanced institution, which can be particularly appealing to prospective students and visitors.

Enhanced Campus Experience

A university app for your programmable robots, like Pepper, can significantly improve the campus experience for students, professors, and visitors. It offers a dynamic and interactive tool to navigate various departments, access information about campus facilities, and stay updated on university events and news.

Alumni Engagement and Inspiration

The app's graduate section allows Pepper to showcase alum achievements over the years, creating a sense of pride and inspiration among current students. This feature not only strengthens the bond within the university community but also serves as a motivating factor for students to aspire to similar accomplishments.

Efficient Information Access

The app facilitates quick and efficient access to a wealth of information, including detailed insights into departments, faculty, and facilities. Users can effortlessly retrieve information with just a few clicks, making it a time-saving and convenient resource for everyone on campus.

Personalized Guidance

With the university app, Pepper can offer customized guidance to users, whether providing a comprehensive university guide or assisting in locating specific resources on campus. This personalized touch enhances the overall user experience and fosters a sense of connection with the institution.


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