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Hire Pepper with Our Mall Application

Boost Customer Engagement with Robot Solutions

Install the Pepper robot at the heart of your mall to inform customers about the malls and tenants, upcoming events, promotions, client cards, and more. Bring smiles to your tenants by boosting engagement and attracting more visitors to their businesses.

Key Features of PRoMS Ready-Made App for Malls

Acting as a virtual guide, Pepper can help visitors navigate the mall, providing directions and suggestions for points of interest. Our revolutionary no-code robot management system, PRoMS, empowers mall owners and tenants to harness the full potential of Pepper. Pepper with PRoMS can be utilized to perform various roles and functions at a mall to enhance the overall visitor experience

Mall Information

Enhance customers’ mall experience with a seamlessly navigable app feature that provides instant access to comprehensive mall information upon entry. Whether displaying the complete map, offering a detailed list of shops, or showcasing engaging mall stories and statistics, this feature is tailored to elevate customer satisfaction, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping

Fun and Interaction

Unveiling an exhilarating feature within the app tailored especially for children! This engaging addition offers a plethora of captivating activities, including interactive “Ask Me Anything,” photo sessions with our robots, or singing a birthday song for your loved ones on their special occasions. Keep the young ones entertained and delighted with a range of options designed to make their time within the mall both enjoyable and memorable.  

Events and Discounts

Elevate your customers’ experience further with our “events and discounts” feature. This feature keeps customers informed and engaged, from the latest happenings to exclusive promotions. Make them stay in the loop about exciting events and timings and offer seamless event registration to ensure hassle-free participation—all at your fingertips. This comprehensive feature adds an extra layer of excitement and convenience, enriching your customers’ overall shopping adventure. 

Client Cards

ntroducing our “Client Cards” feature to streamline and enhance customers’ shopping journeys. Elevate their experience by consolidating loyalty programs, exclusive perks, and personalized offers with a convenient QR code, providing swift and secure access to your benefits. Enjoy a seamless and clutter-free approach to loyalty, ensuring customers can effortlessly access their rewards and privileges.   

Discover the Winning Combo: Why Should you Get PRoMS Ready-Made Mall App for your Robot?

PRoMS Ready-Made Mall App offers a comprehensive solution for mall owners, delivering an enhanced customer experience, efficient navigation, increased engagement, streamlined loyalty programs, and tailored entertainment for visitors. PRoMS with Pepper can contribute significantly to the success and competitiveness of the mall in today's dynamic retail landscape

Customizable Solutions

Tailor the PRoMS app to suit the unique needs of your mall. Whether you want to highlight specific promotions, create personalized loyalty programs, or showcase special events, the adaptability of PRoMS ensures it aligns seamlessly with your business strategy.

Enhance Customer Experience

The PRoMS Ready-Made Mall App is designed to elevate the overall customer experience within the mall. With intuitive navigation features, detailed shop information, and engaging content, the app ensures visitors have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. This, in turn, contributes to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Entertainment Factor

The specially curated fun and interaction feature adds a unique dimension to the app, providing entertainment options like "Ask Me Anything," photo sessions, and interactive games. This enhances the shopping experience for families and positions the mall as a family-friendly destination, attracting a broader demographic.

Efficient Navigation for Visitors

The app provides an integrated map feature, aiding customers in efficient navigation throughout the mall. This reduces the chances of visitors getting lost and encourages exploration of different sections and stores, ultimately leading to increased footfall and exposure for tenants.

Boost Engagement

The Events and Discounts feature keeps customers informed about ongoing events and exclusive promotions within the mall. The app becomes a valuable tool for driving customer engagement by offering hassle-free event registrations and showcasing enticing discounts, thereby retaining existing customers and attracting new visitors.


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