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Hire Pepper with Oil and Gas Readymade Application

Boost Visitor Management with Our Robot Solutions

Elevate your customers’ journey by hiring Pepper at the reception desk through our pre-built oil and gas application on PRoMS. Easily manage check-in details for appointments, share insights into your company’s history, projects, or clientele, and access contact information—all at your fingertips

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The functionality in the application is designed to enable your visitors to effortlessly access all essential information about their meeting by simply entering their names. Once the crucial details are retrieved, Pepper will not only guide guests around the meeting time and room but also show an accurate map of the room, ensuring a convenient experience for first-time visitors 

Company Engagements

This feature is intricately designed to cater to the informational needs of your customers or visitors, allowing them to access details pertaining to the company’s ongoing projects, recent strategic plans, and key clients. By providing such comprehensive insights, this option catalyzes fostering transparency within the organization, thereby enhancing the company’s image and trust among customers.  

About the Company

This feature functions as a powerful marketing tool, enlightening visitors about various facets of the company. It goes beyond mere promotion by providing in-depth information about the company’s rich history, showcasing press coverage, and offering insights into its departments located in different parts of the world. Pepper fosters a deeper understanding of the company’s identity and accomplishments by giving a comprehensive overview. It promotes brand awareness and establishes a connection with visitors, creating a more engaging and meaningful interaction.  

Contact and Inquiries

When your customers navigate to this specific section, Pepper will display comprehensive details about the stakeholders, providing insights into their roles and responsibilities within the organization, including the respective departments they are associated with. By clearly understanding the organizational structure and key personnel, customers can efficiently determine the right point of contact to get their job done, enhancing communication and streamlining interactions with the company.  

Discover the Winning Combo: Why Should you Get PRoMS Oil and Gas App for your Robot?

From enhancing the customer journey to streamlining routine queries, Pepper, with our readymade app, serves as a versatile and invaluable asset. Oil and Gas owners should embrace this innovative combination for a more seamless and customer-centric office experience

Smart Stakeholder Interaction

The app facilitates smart stakeholder interaction by presenting detailed information about stakeholders, their roles, and responsibilities. This empowers customers to make informed decisions about whom to contact, ensuring efficient communication channels and effective task execution.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Elevate the experience of visitors and customers by integrating Pepper at the reception desk. From providing appointment check-in details to offering insights into your company's history and upcoming events, the app ensures a seamless and informative experience for all stakeholders.

Efficiency Boost

The PRoMS oil and gas app for robots is designed to enhance operational efficiency by streamlining routine queries. The application is a complete one-stop desk to gather any information, reducing the queue during peak hours.

Data Accessibility:

Gain instant access to crucial data related to your projects, clients, and recent plans with the app. It empowers your team by providing real-time information, allowing for quick decision-making and a more proactive approach to project management.

Transparency and Engagement

Foster transparency within your organization by utilizing features that share information about projects, press coverage, departments, and stakeholders. This not only builds trust but also enhances stakeholder engagement, contributing to a positive company image.


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