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Integrate Pepper Using Our Library Application

Accelerate Daily Operations with Our Robot Solutions

Get Pepper with the PRoMS app to provide users with a comprehensive library experience. Streamline daily operations and effortlessly handle queues by ensuring easy book borrowing or return processes, explore new arrivals, promote upcoming events, and enlighten users about the rich history of the place

Key Features of PRoMS Readymade App for Library

Harness the capabilities of our innovative no-code robot management system, PRoMS, to unleash the complete potential of Pepper. Integrate Pepper with the PRoMS app to effortlessly perform various roles and functions within your library, enhancing the overall user experience

New Arrivals

The app incorporates a feature designed to offer users a smooth and uninterrupted journey when browsing the recently added books in the library catalog, complete with their current availability status. By selecting a preferred book, users can access a concise summary along with the option to place an order. Initiating the order will seamlessly guide users to the designated pick-up point, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience. 

Borrow or Return Book

This function empowers users to borrow and return books to the library without waiting in long queues, particularly during peak hours. Initially, it prompts users for their library ID number. For newcomers, there is an option for seamless registration. Subsequently, users are presented with various choices, such as returning borrowed books, making reservations, discovering new books, and receiving recommendations for their next read. In cases where a desired book is unavailable, users can opt to join the waiting list and if the book is currently in stock, users can effortlessly collect it.  

Upcoming Events

Following that, the application provides users with information regarding forthcoming library events, including dates, times, and brief descriptions. If a user expresses interest in participating, an SMS notification will be sent as a reminder prior to the event, thereby enhancing user participation and engagement 

About the Library

Utilizing this feature can be your most effective marketing tool, promoting your library brand by raising awareness of its rich history and providing essential information. This ensures a seamless experience for every user, facilitating the library owner in boosting participation and cultivating a loyal user base.  

Discover the Winning Combo: Why Should you Get PRoMS Library App for your Robot?

Our ready-to-use library app is a comprehensive solution to transform the library experience. This app facilitates seamless patron interactions, streamlined book borrowing processes, empowered library staff, cost-effective implementation, and increased overall productivity. Revolutionize how libraries operate and enhance the user experience- a valuable asset for modern library management

Hassle-Free Tracking and Monitoring

Our app enables a systematic approach to overseeing and managing items, encompassing recording new collections, cataloging and classifying items, monitoring their condition, tracking book returns, and ensuring streamlined management. This practice facilitates accurate inventory control and accessibility, ultimately contributing to effective and responsible collection management.

Effortless Access to a Vast Library

The PRoMS Library App for Robot Pepper offers customers a seamless and user-friendly way to access an extensive library of information. Users can effortlessly navigate a wealth of knowledge, expanding their understanding and staying informed on various subjects.

Personalized Recommendations

One of the critical advantages of the PRoMS Library App is its ability to provide customized recommendations based on user's preferences and interests. This feature ensures that customers discover relevant and captivating content, making the learning experience more enjoyable and tailored to their needs.

Efficient Information Retrieval

The app facilitates quick and efficient information retrieval. Whether users are looking for specific categories, historical topics, or scientific concepts, the PRoMS Library App streamlines the search process, enabling users to find the information of the book they need within a few seconds.

Optimize Resource and Reduce Dependency

This application is designed to streamline resource utilization, minimizing dependence on traditional methods. The PRoMS library app enhances efficiency, promotes sustainability, and reduces reliance on physical materials by offering a comprehensive platform for managing and accessing information.


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