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The Future of Robotic Rental in Saudi Arabia is Here!

Rent our robots in Saudi Arabia without spending any upfront costs through a pay-as-you-go model, enabling your company to avoid the downsides of capital investment, development cost and maintenance and maintain the bottom line.

Leverage 'Pay-as-you-Go' with PROVEN Robotics

Getting Robot as a Service (RaaS) offers several advantages, making it an appealing option for businesses leveraging robotic solutions for events, promotions, marketing activities, exhibitions, and many more. Furthermore, users can leverage the RaaS without being bound by a subscription fee; they only pay for the specific services they avail.  

Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive Solution

PROVEN Robotics RaaS provides a hassle-free and convenient way to access robotic solutions. With our one-stop shop, users can acquire robots, content, delivery, and support with just a few clicks. This streamlined process eliminates the complexities associated with individually sourcing and managing these components, saving time and effort.

No Capital Investment

No Capital Investment

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for RaaS is its cost-effectiveness. Traditional acquisition of robots often involves significant upfront capital investment, which may not be feasible for every business. Our RaaS model eliminates this barrier by allowing users to access robotic capabilities on a pay-as-you-go basis, making it attractive for companies with budget constraints or those looking to manage costs more efficiently.

Flexibility in Content Creation and Updates

Flexibility in Content Creation and Updates

With RaaS, users can easily create and update content for the robots they hire from us. Businesses can tailor the robot's functions and appearance to suit their specific needs and adapt them over time. Whether customizing messages, adjusting tasks, adding specific colors, fonts or QR codes, the flexibility in content creation and updates ensures that the robot remains relevant and effective in meeting evolving requirements.

What is Robot as a Service?

Robots have been leveraged in different verticals to stay competitive as businesses continue to grow more complex with each passing day. Robot as a service allows companies to use robots’ capabilities while forgoing the upfront expense of often pricey automation enhancements. RaaS is a cloud-based robotic rental system that enables users to implement robotics without requiring the necessary infrastructure that traditional robotics implementations require. Users can integrate the capabilities when needed as requirements change and install robots anytime.

Advantages of Robot as a Service

RaaS is bringing the opportunity to leverage robots for organizations of every scale and industry for several reasons, including trying before you buy, forgoing capital expenditure, and many others

Lower robotic implementation cost

 Investing in robots outright can be expensive, especially when you only require them for specific events or days. Our Robotics as a Service (RaaS) offering enables you to rent the robots in Saudi Arabia you need, allowing you to achieve your goals while saving a substantial amount on upfront costs.

End-to-End Solution

Maintenance is an essential part of integrating robots for different purposes. Since PROVEN Robotics RaaS service covers all aspects from hardware, content development, and delivery, our clients do not need to hire someone in-house, which is an added advantage. 

Encourage to Adapt

As traditional business models face challenges from cutting-edge technologies such as robots, RaaS presents an opportunity for businesses to adapt to evolving needs without significant upfront investments. By incorporating robots, not only can companies stay agile but also add a wow factor that enhances their overall appeal.

Boost Confidence in Long-Term Robot Commitment

While some businesses may need robotic performance, many decision-makers find it challenging to make the changeover because they lack confidence, as it can be an expensive switch. RaaS is handy since it allows you to experience what it is like to let robots do the tasks, increasing confidence and easing long-term commitment.

Choose from the Best Robot Models Available on the Market!

Choose from the best robot models available on the market. At PROVEN Robotics, the leading robotic solutions provider in Saudi Arabia, we offer a diverse range of robots within our portfolio, all at budget-friendly rates for your industrial needs. Our robots are known for their exceptional reliability and efficiency, thanks to the diligent maintenance performed by our team of skilled robotics engineers. Plus, our extensive list of esteemed clients places their trust in us.         



Mostly hired as a receptionist, information guide, concierge, and host for a myriad of marketing activities


OrionStar Mini

Mini contributes significantly to creating memorable and enjoyable event experiences. Its interactive capabilities and the ability to provide information make Mini a valuable addition to events.



Widely accepted as an educational tool for children with special needs or general classroom use



Well-received as a compact, budget-friendly, and user-friendly robotic arm crafted for students seeking self-study or independent practice, particularly in STEM lessons



Mostly hired as a marketing assistant, showcasing short videos about the event or playing curated playlists of music



Your competitors are hiring this robot in the hospitality industry to deliver delectable food items or water to guests with a personal touch


Double 3

Popular for its teleconferencing capability to facilitate remote communication in healthcare, real estate, and more


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