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Buy Or Rent the Best Food Service Robots in Saudi Arabia

Enhance the dining experience with a touch of futuristic sophistication while drastically reducing waiting times by assisting staff with safe delivery during peak hours using cutting-edge food service robots in Saudi Arabia.

The Benefits of Using Robots
the Food Industry

Efficient and Consistent Service

Precision and consistency define the tasks performed by robots, such as taking orders, serving food, guiding visitors to their tables, and clearing tables. Additionally, robots can also be used to provide information about reservations, updates on the latest menu, and more.  

Reduced Wait

Robots engage with customers in a friendly and informative manner, offering menu details, recommending dishes, and even collecting feedback to enhance the overall dining experience.  

Mitigate Hygiene and Safety Concerns

Robots minimize direct contact between staff and customers, thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission.  

Stay Ahead in Competition

Elevate your restaurant’s appeal by revolutionizing the traditional dining experience, setting your establishment apart from competitors.  

Earn Better Google Review

Incorporating service robots into your restaurant instantly captivates customers, and sharing images on social media can propel your establishment into viral fame.  

Increased Productivity

Restaurants benefit from the continuous and tireless work of robots, eliminating the need for breaks and fatigue, enabling human staff to focus on customer-facing responsibilities.  

Explore Our Robots for Restaurants

At PROVEN Robotics, the leading robotic solutions provider in Saudi Arabia, we offer a diverse range of robots for buying and renting within our portfolio, all at budget-friendly rates for your restaurant needs. Our robots are known for their exceptional reliability and efficiency, thanks to the diligent maintenance performed by our team of skilled robotics engineers. Plus, our extensive list of esteemed clients places their trust in us.


BellaBot’s cat-like appearance adds an attractive touch, concealing a world of integrated technology designed for food and other restaurant delivery purposes.   


  • Aesthetic design        
  • Smart expressions        
  • Can carry up to 40 kg load        
  • Fixed point delivery        
  • 3D obstacle avoidance         


  • Can deliver food or water to the visitors      
  • Transport trays and retrieve items with minimum human intervention       
  • Can entertain visitors with smart expressions      Learn More


Pepper is widely recognized as a friendly assistant, receptionist, and feedback collector and is warmly accepted in the marketing and event landscape.    


  • Interactive social robot    
  • Equipped with perception modules    
  • Touch sensors in the head and hand    
  • Open and fully programmable platform    
  • Long battery life    


  • Can be programmed as a receptionist at the restaurant  
  • Offer reservation and menu-related information to visitors    
  • Communicate in 15+ languages           
  • Connects with people by acknowledging emotions and faces    
  • Learn More


KettyBot’s customizable Ad Display zone makes it the ideal selection for Marketing Experts, enhancing the visual appeal of product promotions or launches.  


  • Large ad display   
  • Compact design  
  • Agile to maneuver in small places  
  • Designated usher   


  • Display new products to the attendees  
  • Play videos and provide additional information to the guests   
  • Personalize recommendations    
  • Serve food or water     
  • Ideal for branding purposes   
    Learn More

OrionStar Mini

Mini can guide guests to their table and contribute to creating memorable and enjoyable experiences. Its interactive capabilities, combined with the ability to provide information, make it an asset for events.   


  • Powerful interactive capabilities       
  • Compact channel chassis diameter of 55cm    
  • Clear conversations by avoiding noise    
  • Supports 30+ languages    
  • Open development platform       



  • Welcome guests and guide them to their tables    
  • Seamlessly navigate crowded spaces    
  • Mini can display ads when customers approach it    
  • Attendees are likely to remember the engaging experience with Mini    Learn More

What Can Our Robots Do?

Assist with Reservation and Loyalty Programs

Our service robots for the food industry can be programmed to provide information about guest reservation slots and explain and enroll guests in loyalty programs.  

Ensure Efficient Food

Service robots like BellaBot and KettyBot efficiently deliver food orders to designated tables, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. They can also transport trays and retrieve items from tables with minimum human supervision.   

Offer Personalized

Our robots excel in presenting patrons with comprehensive details about our diverse menu offerings, ensuring transparency and clarity in their culinary choices. Utilizing customers’ previous data, robots can suggest dishes based on their preferences, enhancing the overall dining experience and creating lasting memories.  


From charming facial expressions to playful gestures, BellaBot creates a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for diners. Its ability to express emotions and respond dynamically to the surrounding environment brings a delightful and entertaining factor to the restaurant setting.  

Why Choose PROVEN Robotics?

Full Cycle Solution Provider

We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of robotic systems. Our expertise encompasses distributing cutting-edge robot technology, developing in-house software tailored to specific needs, and providing diligent after-sales maintenance and support.      

Pay-As-You-Go Model

Upscale your healthcare offers and stay ahead of the competition with service robots in healthcare! You can buy or rent them according to your specific requirements through our pay-as-you-go model.     

Professional Team

We have a team of highly skilled professionals and developers who understand your needs and market challenges for the specific industry and can build a solution accordingly.   

24/7 Support

PROVEN Robotics is the pioneer company in setting up the first robot maintenance team and a robot lab in Saudi Arabia. We provide an all-encompassing maintenance and support package directly from our in-house facility.  

In-House Built Robot Management Platform

Our internally developed Robotic Platform Management System (PRoMS) can optimize efficiency and enhance customer experience, ultimately driving down costs associated with deploying robotic applications.     

One-Of-A-Kind Robot Lab

We’re the trailblazers, setting up our unique robot lab in Riyadh. It’s your chance to dive hands-on into our services and solutions and interact with our smart robots.    

What Organizations Can Benefit
from Our Robots?


Full-Service Restaurants

Enhance the overall dining experience by incorporating robots for efficient service, order delivery, and interactive customer engagement.  

Fast-Food Chains

Improve order accuracy and speed of service with robots assisting in preparing and delivering fast-food orders.  

Cafés and Coffee Shops

Streamline the ordering process and provide quick and accurate service for beverages and snacks.  


and Room Service: Enhance the guest experience by incorporating robots for room service, concierge assistance, and information dissemination.  

Event Venues and Catering Services

Improve efficiency in catering events by using robots for food and beverage service, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for attendees.  

Airport Restaurants and Lounges

Improve efficiency in busy airport settings by utilizing robots for order delivery, customer assistance, and information dissemination. 


If the robot has an open, programmable platform, you can. Robots like Pepper or NAO can be programmed to perform specific tasks. You can quickly build robot content through our no-code robot management platform, PRoMS for Pepper.     

Indeed, we offer flexible rental options for our robots. Whether you need them for a short-term project, an event, or an extended period, our rental services are designed to accommodate various durations based on your specific requirements

We have already described various applications of robots in restaurants, ranging from food delivery to information providers and more. If you want to understand more about their applications, we suggest you get in touch with our robotics team.        

The future of robots in the food industry holds the promise of transformative advancements, ushering in an era of heightened efficiency, innovation, and enhanced customer experiences. As technology evolves, robots are poised to play increasingly integral roles across various facets of food service, from automated kitchen processes and precision in food preparation to seamless order fulfillment and delivery. 


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