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Onboard Pepper Using Our Car Dealer Application

Optimize Car Dealership Operation with Robot Solutions

Lease Pepper through the PRoMS app for a comprehensive car dealership experience. Provide seamless customer experience and get better Google reviews with a ready catalog, option to schedule test drives and maintenance, guide them to calculate loans, and choose their dream car—all with just a few clicks

Key Features of PRoMS Readymade App for Car Dealers

Leverage the power of our groundbreaking no-code robot management system, PRoMS, to unlock Pepper's full potential. Utilize Pepper with the PRoMS app to seamlessly undertake diverse roles and functions within your car dealership, elevating the overall customer experience


This feature within the app is designed to assist customers in exploring various car categories, such as sports and family, allowing them to review configurations to make informed purchase decisions. Additionally, customers can conveniently book a test drive slot for their chosen car. This functionality not only eases your employees’ workload but also enables them to focus on more customer-centric sales roles.  

Trade In

The next feature of the app is equipped with the option to trade in at customers’ fingertips. This option allows customers to visit the store and swiftly book a slot for repair services, minimizing or eliminating long wait times. That’s not all. Additionally, it provides an estimated cost for the services, and if the customer decides to proceed, they can directly call the manager to confirm their slot.  

Calculate Loans

Loan calculation is a crucial determinant for clients in choosing their preferred car, often influencing their decision significantly. Traditional methods of calculating EMI can be time-consuming for store dealers due to the intricacies involved. With this feature, customers and sales personnel can now effortlessly estimate the loan repayment period within a few clicks based on preferred monthly payment preferences.  

Dream Car

This exciting feature in the app aids clients in selecting their dream car. Many customers enter the store without deciding which category of car would be suitable for them. This option guides them through a set of questions, revealing the ideal car category based on their preferences. For instance, if our robot asks, “When purchasing a car, what factors do you prioritize?” If the customer picks ‘speed, acceleration, and handling,’ it could indicate their ideal car falls within the sports category. Fascinating, isn’t it?  

Discover the Winning Combo: Why Should you Get PRoMS Car Dealer App for your Robot?

Our readymade app for car dealerships— a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize the automotive retail experience. This app offers streamlined customer interactions, efficient appointment booking, empowered sales teams, cost-effective implementation, and increased overall productivity

Empower Sales Teams

With features like automated loan calculations and personalized customer preferences, the app allows sales teams to focus on meaningful interactions, fostering better customer relationships and driving sales.

Streamline Customer Experience

Our readymade app enhances the overall customer experience by providing a seamless platform for browsing, selecting, and engaging with various car-related services.

Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in our readymade app eliminates the need for extensive development costs and resources, providing car dealerships with a cost-effective solution to modernize their operations and stay competitive.

Efficient Appointment Booking

The app simplifies the process of scheduling appointments for services such as test drives, repairs, and maintenance, minimizing wait times and optimizing dealership operations.

Increase Productivity

By automating routine tasks and providing valuable insights into customer preferences, the app enables dealerships to boost overall productivity, allowing staff to concentrate on high-impact activities that drive business growth.


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