Applications of the robot
Health care
How Pepper helps you
Aiding several services starting from education to healthcare, Pepper is systemically constructed to be modified into the mold of any particular industry. From serving as an airport concierge to a hospital assistant, the robot Pepper can don a multitude of roles.
Who is Pepper?
Pepper our interaction master, designed to perceive emotions and form empathetic connections with users, Pepper robot contributes significantly to a plethora of industries.
Pepper Parameters
120cm X 42,5cm X 48,5cm
28 kg
Lithium-ion battery
10.1-inch touch display
Mic × 4, RGB camera × 2, 3D sensor × 1
Up to 3 kilometers per hour (2 mph)
Up to 1.5 centimeters (0.6 in)
Motion speed
Your social humanoid robot
Pepper robot is able to acknowledge basic emotions along with face recognition. It was optimized and designed for seamless interaction, while offering engaging content through conversation and his touch screen. Integrated with PRoMS this is your perfect office / school assistant.
Your interactive assistant
At only 120cm tall, Pepper is perfect for welcoming guests with a warm "Hello, how may I help you". Equipped with face recognition your guests will never be unattended, supported by the touch screen offering information, registration or directional details.
Your one-stop banking solution
Step into the future with hassle-free banking solutions for your customers. Pepper can smoothly integrate with your banks applications allowing users access to various services. It can assists customers with form-filling, provides information on products and services while entertain those who wait to be served.
Office Assistant
We introduce Pepper the Office Assistant, ready to guide your guests or help schedule appointments and more.
How can Pepper help me?
Autonomous face tracking screen tilt
Brushless DC motor with planetary gear for high accuracy and quiet operation Motion range – 15°~+55°
Up to 8 Hours of operation per charge
Autonomous charging- 220V/110V
High performance docking station Lithium-Ion cells
Zero turn radius.
Speed up to one meter per second
Two independent 50 W direct drive Brushless DC motors.
High resolution magnetic encoders that produce a smooth, accurate ride
A robot management platform, PRoMS is integrated with a range of key features, designed to ensure optimization, ease of use, and increased function efficiency of robots. PRoMS allows organizations to create applications for their robots by using key features and unique features of each robot.
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